New Homeschool Parent Education Program

Unique New Bee Homeschooler Program Workshop Topics


What is homeschooling?

 Is there a “right” way?


How do I define education? Do I need to test? 

What are some helpful tools to make my journey successful? 

Come ready to be en


Organizing your time and home. 

What about schedules and lesson planning? 

 How can I balance homeschooling and housework? 

How is it possible to be less stressed by being more organized? 

Organizational tips to help bring peace to your homeschooling journey.


Are you marooned on schooling method island? 

This workshop is designed to help you navigate through the many curriculum choices available and learn what homeschooling method best fits your family.

How do I educate my toddlers and preschoolers and still keep my sanity?

 When, how and what do I teach my child in each grade? 

What does multi-level teaching mean? 

After this workshop, you will walk away with a plan for teaching your children. 

Why is our program different?
Curriculum For the Home Educator!

Leading workshops for new homeschoolers in physical locations here in Texas, we always felt tied to helping only those that could travel to meet with us.

Whether you’re excited, overwhelmed, beyond scared or beaming with confidence, we’re delighted that you found our program, New Bee Homeschooler.

Though this program is a work of our heart, the program is not about our journey. Because it is based on our many years of mentoring new homeschoolers, it is a quick guide for learning what is essential.

Because we have a soft place in our heart for new bees, we give you veteran tips based on our thirty years of combined experience, which you need now.

So Tina travels to meet you via our audio workshops. Our program is instantly downloaded and you can listen to it at your convenience. You decide how fast you want to go through each workshop.

This past year our program has seen tremendous growth in helping homeschoolers everywhere and many overseas too.  We are grateful to now have TIna's store front to bring these links to view the workshops instantly.

With this purchase, you will download all the mp3’s and you can listen at your leisure or get started right away.

We know you too will benefit from the program as we have helped many new homeschoolers place one foot in front of the other as they started down this daunting, but memorable path.

New Homeschooler Boot Camp

What is included with this program?

  • 4 Downloadable Audio Workshops in mp3 format.

  • Comprehensive Guidebook– 123 pages {Includes workshop outlines with plenty of space for note taking and visuals}.

  • Over 10 hours of audio on topics you need this year.

  • Instant download.

When You Don’t Know Where to Begin . . . We DO!! 

Purchases are made through the SHOP at Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus.

Free Workshop for You! 

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