Quotes The New Beginnings program is the only one of its kind that I am aware of. As opposed to mom forums which are available everywhere, these topical meetings allow us to be taught as we listen and/or ask questions. I was terrified to begin homeschooling, only because I couldn't get straight answers-even from veterans. But this group is extra special, full of insight, patient, and experienced. It has been a great addition to our family's learning process, not to mention the fact that as the children grow and their needs change, I'll be going back to revisit many of the topics. Quotes
Homeschooling Mama of 4

Quotes I have been homeschooling for a few years now and am glad to have New Beginnings as a support and resource. I take what I need and what works for my family and I leave the rest, ;-) I am able to look at what we did then, what we are doing now and I can use the expertise and resources of the leaders to KNOW that I can educate my daughter and get her into college. I am often unable to attend land-based meetings and am very glad to see the web-based program. I am very happy with the emails which hold multiple resources of a thematic ( animals, historical figures, etc.) and I very pleased that Tina is "only an e-mail away" when I have questions. I am sure that the closer to high school we become, I will have reduced my anxiety by knowing how to plan and prepare. Thanks to the great online and land-based resources and contacts. Ann-Marie, single mom of a 9 year old daughter Quotes
Happy Homeschooling Single Mom

Quotes New Beginnings has really helped me to embrace the homeschooling lifestyle. We are all learning and living life together. My heart was always drawn to homeschool but NB gave me the self-confidence to see that I truly could. The best part is they will be educated the person who loves them the most in this world----- ME!!! Quotes
mom of 4 great kids

Quotes This web workshop has been a real eye-opener on homeschooling; I always knew homeschooling would give my child the most benefit especially with all the flaws in the public school system today (just take a look at the DVD "Waiting for Superman") but mostly it has really helped to alleviate a lot of the anxieties I've had about getting started and has helped me to see that homeschooling is not as complicated as I thought it would be. Thanks Tina and Kelley!! Quotes
Mother of 6 yr old son, Nokesville, VA