Quotes I just wanted to thank New Beginnings! I am not new to home schooling our kids, ages 15, 12 and 7 BUT I do get tired and look for ways to improve and excite our days. Making learning fun is a challenge. Lets just start with the colorful planners that the girls offer on the page! FUN and so functional without bogging you down! All the unit study help, organizing, lap booking pages and personalized help is just an email away! I cannot say enough. Their program is a bargain!! They really care and want to help you succeed. Thankful to be on the journey with their help! You guys rock! Quotes
Donna T
Excited Mom

Quotes Wow! NB is exactly what I needed. I've attended their physical location and found great support in hearing other's experiences in addition to the guidance and support from Tina and Kelley . Their program helped me learn what homeschooling is, how to do it and learn to love it. The yahoo group is like having Tina and Kelley just a key stroke away. They are great at answering questions specific to my situation. I would still be lost and tearful if it weren't for them. Now I'm excited, energized and confident that I have the tools needed to make my home school a success! Thank you Tina and Kelley for your incredible support! Quotes
mother to dd6, dd4, ds2

Quotes There's no words to really describe the help you need during the 1st year, or 2, or 3, or more when you start your journey on Home Schooling. New Beginnings support team has helped tremendously with this lifetime journey. Where do you start, what do you teach, what to do when things aren't going right... New Beginnings starts literally from the 'beginning' and helps you to get your priorities in order! Thanks you SO much for your support! Quotes
Amanda H.
Happy Homeschooling 1 Son

Quotes There will never be enough words to express how grateful I am to New Beginnings. The program is absolutely priceless. This is my 3rd year homeschooling and its something we always wanted to do for our family, but like everything it has its challenges. The web workshops have helped me keep focused on why we started homeschooling and reinforce in me the determination to continue and face this journey with confidence. Tina and Kelley provide such personal attention to each of us and the program is so well rounded that its almost like the program was made specifically for me. It gives me the tools I need both mentally and physically to succeed with my family in all aspects of our lives?because homeschool is a way of life and not just a portion of our day. Quotes
Rosie, Long Island, NY
Mother of two- 7yrs & 4yrs

Quotes I had been homeschooling for two years when I found New Beginnings and I still felt like I was struggling. The first meeting with New Beginnings I Knew I was on the right path and felt invigorated. New Beginnings not only arms you with the knowledge to make better choices but empowers you to continue on the path of home education. The committment from the founders is OUTSTANDING! Even when home schooling can be challenging it is in a much more managable way because I have a plan with CLEAR direction. I'm so glad my family and I found New Beginnings and am forever grateful! Quotes
Mother of 3, Pearland, TX

Quotes Ive been a member of New Beginnings for just a few short months, and have found it a great asset to my homeschooling Journey! The moral and educational support that I have received has been monumental. Misty, mother of two Boys Corpus Christi, TX Quotes
Mother of two Princes

Quotes I have enjoyed attending The Woodlands location for the New Beginnings meetings. The meetings have offered me much perspective for my homeschooling journey. It is wonderful to meet with all of these supportive people who are in the same boat as I am. Thank you Tina and Kelly! Quotes
Mother of 5 year old and 2 year old from The Woodlands, TX

Quotes New-Beginnings is making this journey a breeze. The certitude, encouragement, knowledge, guidance, and piece of mind to do this adventure with confidence. They have given me a safety-net of supportive patronage that is invaluable. Tina and Kelly offer so-o-o much more than necessary information to achieve the goal of the best education and a love of learning! They take it personally and are dedicated to each of us to make it happen. Each member has given insight and input to the group so you get a wide variety of ideas...therefore, with the help and support of these lovely ladies and the group I can call myself "Maw-maw Superior teacher and grandmother " !! There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to that end and have a good support system behind you!! I would hate to have embarked on this Educational adventure without "New Beginnings"....Thank You, Ladies!! Quotes
Maw-maw Superior - Beaumont, Texas

Quotes I loved New Beginnings because it showed me how to stay sane which starting this journey to educate my children. The program that I attended last year walked me and my husband through what it takes to balance life as a family and as a teacher. We learn about the skills we need to develop as a family, what needs to be taught, different ways that we should try teaching, different ways our children learn and the different personalities of the individuals in our family (really anyone). This program also had the added benefit of one-on-one counseling via the email group. Everyone gained valuable insight from other moms and the founders and other moderators. On days that I am feeling overwhelmed, I can read about another mom that is going through the same feelings and learn that I can get through - and that is wonderful! Mom to 2 - Samuel, 6 and Grace, 2 Quotes
Happy Mom - Bryan, Texas

Quotes As a former public school teacher some thought that it would be the hardest for me to transition, but luckily, because of New Begginnings, I have been able to jump in with two feet!! I have attended the workshops at their physical locations. Their program is like no other, because you have 24/7 access to the founders who give daily advice to keep you motivated.Their support is like no other because they provided for me free student and teacher planners to print out as well as links to free products and definitions to words or processes that I was not familiar with in the homeschooling world. What I have gained so far from New Begginings, is the monthly topics to focus on to make sure that I systematically build a strong foundation to my first year of homeschooling. From defining what homeschooling REALLY is to helping me set a schedule for myself and my children. I am so excited about each month because they help me progress more and more towards my goals for homeschooling. Quotes
former public school teacher; ages 3,5,11,12,14 Houston TX