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Posted on October 25, 2011 at 4:50 PM

I will try to send out the pieces to my More Than a Timeline Notebook in the order you will probably use them in your notebook.

 Here is the first set of timeline pages for the Ancient Timeline. Each set is (27) pages long and remember these can be used interchangeably depending on what your needs are for that time period.

Side Note Here: My Ancient Timeline uses 100 year increments. Keep in mind, the back page ya'll downloaded Monday has the years divided by the increments I am using so you can glance at those when you need to write in a date. Here is how I ended up dividing my timeline.

Ancient - 100 year increments

Medieval to Early Renaissance -  50 year increments

Renaissance and Early Modern - 25 increments

Modern - 10 year increments

This Ancient Timeline Page above has more boxes for drawing/gluing smaller pictures and lines for writing. Too you can write in the smaller boxes. There are some topics/events that are harder to find clipart for and just need a date and a few words for the event.

The space at the bottom you can glue maps or have larger illustrations or do a mini-biography for a reluctant writer. When a reluctant writer sees that space at the bottom it does not look as daunting as a whole page. Yes, we can make it fun.

This second option for the Ancient Timeline layout has more space at the top. This allows for larger pictures at top. Also it allows space for a "timeline within a timeline". I know some events or a person's  achievements may be listed within a span of a few short years. This allows enough room to draw a smaller strip under the bottom (parallel timelines) if you need them.

 (Parallel Timelines)

Too, because I love Home School in the Woods Timeline Figured pictured below, some of them are 3 inches up to 3 1/2 inches long. You need that much space on your page for those bigger pictures.

(Timeline Figure Copyright Home School in the Woods)

So I have allowed 3 inches from the top under the timeline to the three boxes that go across the center. Too, you can simply glue over the boxes if you have a picture that is larger than that. But having allowed room for larger clipart gives you flexibility depending on whether you want to use what is free, what you purchase or what you want your child to draw.

I hope that helps to "picture" how I plan to use mine, the flexibility I wanted, and I will be sharing pictures as we go through along in it.

Download your free timeline pages below:

Download Above Ancient Timeline with Boxes and Writing Lines

Download Above Ancient Timeline with LESS Boxes and More Space

If you missed the 1st part of this Timeline - it is the Front Cover, Back Cover and Spine Inserts.

 Here is that link.

(Printing Instructions: You want to print ALL your Timeline Pieces on Cardstock. My preference is to NOT print front/back so that I can add another page if there are more events. I DO prefer to place two pages in one laminated page so that there are no "blank" spots and if you need to add another page that is an "easy fix" because you can just add the laminated page in between the pages you want)

More pieces to follow soon...

How about some other freebies today?

Time Sensitive Freebies - hurry hurry freebies

Happy Scribe has a History Scribe- History of the West download that is good for notebooking and lapbooking. From Curr Click it says:

This Combo Includes:

Westward Ho! - North American Indians

Wild, Wild West - The Pioneers

Special - Biographies of 100 Westerners!

Each Downloadable ZIP File contains two versions of each of the History Scribe books. One is a Grade School version with a dashed line for easier writing and one is a Middle School version without the dashed lines. Ready for one child or several children, print and use the pages that you want to support your history studies. Great for lapbooks and note booking studies.

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Free Work With the Wildlife DVD

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Hugs for today and  remember this if you wished  "IF only Dad could do all the teaching" hee hee

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