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Posted on August 23, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Aren't these a great looking group of ladies? This year was kind of different but really nice. First, we normally have a couple of dads there too. But this year we have several nursing babies and yes they are welcomed at my workshops but Dads took them so mom could enjoy the workshop.

We love our husbands, don't we? Great guys to support us in homeschooling! Also, TOS sent us some issues to give the New Bees, wasn't that nice? The New Bees are so excited and full of vim and vigor and ready to go! I just soak it all in!!


Kelley got a picture of me from way back in the room. She has one vantage point and I have the other.

I don't really sit for the 2 hours while I teach. We met from 6:00 to 9:00 for this workshop and even though I did sit for part of it, I do my best work on my feet because I can use my hands.

So we had a great meeting Monday and yes it takes me a day or two to recuperate after all the questions..but I am looking forward to this great group of ladies this year. Our class normally only grows in size after the first one so I really take it all in at the beginning.

Okay, how about another minibook from my Coral Reef lapbook that I will be sharing soon? Since I am not sure when I will reveal the page (won't bore ya'll with the paperwork we need to get caught up on after our New Beginnings workshop..zzzzz) this will be just one less minibook you have to download when I do reveal the page.




This minibook is called Life at the Reef. It is a graduated or layered book. I waffled back and forth about getting more pictures to color instead of the real life photos...but you know some things just can't be duplicated. The color in this beautiful creation just makes me be in awe of the Creator. I think it impresses on upon our children's heart the beauty of creation and the oceans.

You can download this here if you want it now.

TIME SENSITIVE FREEBIES - hurry hurry freebies

I love muffins, nothing like a hot homemade muffin on a cold morning here in Texas (you know the two cold mornings we get each year).  Last year I tried a few with less fat,calories,etc..but I need to work on them again this year so I am glad I got this notice for a freebie.

Free 25 Healthy Muffins EBook

Click here to go there.



Scholastic Free Scholastic WiggleWorks Game Demo CD for Schools.

Go here to get the Free Demo CD.

I ordered some freebies from them last time and they were great but I have not ordered these.

Free Posters, Pencils and More. Tip: The site is already slow I think from the traffic but works. The date when I needed them never showed me the calendar so I just typed in a date like 4 weeks out and clicked on submit and said "it was submitted"

Click here to go the form.



Koko's Kid Club TGF/ has a Teacher's Info Package, full of gorilla facts and information about Koko, Michael and Ndume. You will be sent an email shortly after you sign up with pdfs to download.

Click here to go there.

Subway's Random Acts of Fitness for Kids Free Kit

I wish they would give more of a description but this is all I got at the end of requesting it.

By the way,  I did not put in my phone number and chose the date of our first field trip this month as a date to start back to school.

Go here to see if you want it.

This next freebie is a great freebie if you need some protection on your computer. It is equal to like Kaspersky and Trend as far as I know. Again, this kind of freebie doesn't come often if you are in need of some computer protection. Today only. For this freebie, you can't just download it, you have to run it actually by today too for it to work otherwise you don't get it.

Free Giveaway of the Day - Outpost Security Suite Pro 1Y

Click here to go there.

Free subscription to Outdoor Life

Click here to go there.

FREEBIES - when you have time

This next freebie is always free or has been for a long time but I enjoy getting it. So some of you may not know about it. It only comes out twice a year.

"The Idea Book for Educators is the biannual teacher's magazine created by the Education Department at A&E Television Networks. The Idea Book includes Teacher's Guides for programs featured in Classroom and a printed version of the A&E Classroom Calendar, which features air dates, program descriptions, and copyright information."

Click here to order it.

Free Physics Posters. It says you can send off for them but they have them available for free download.

Click here to go there.

Head over to Homeschool Creations to download some free bookmarks.

Click here to go there.

What's up for tomorrow? I got an informational article coming up and some more free curriculum!

And if something in your homeschooling is not working-change it. Do not be miserable but take honor in your teaching. Homeschooling is about change and not closing your mind to a different approach. You have the power...and remember

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn."

 ~Author Unknown~

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