Do you really have time to NOT play games?

Posted on July 19, 2011 at 10:25 AM

(I store games in our covered shelving here next to the TV in the upstairs schoolroom)

 Sorry ya’ll got two blog posts in one day from me yesterday-----since I got back from vacation our pool that is always just a beautiful clear blue turned putrid green (there has to be a color named that), the automatic garage door wouldn’t go up so I could get my car out to get groceries, my computer updated and MOVED everything while I was shopping--and I do mean EVERYTHING on my computer. After I got back to the house there was nothing on my computer (or so I thought). I looked under My Documents, nothing there, under My Pictures, nothing there… wasn’t lost just in a different location but not before I had a complete meltdown…lol

I spent hours relocating everything and then I noticed my blog feeder pulls two blogs…..... Did I mention in between I am helping my oldest study for driving and am wondering how many people really remember the amount of feet you need to stop when a car is going 70 mph?

So let me share with you something that does work in our home and that is games. When I first started homeschooling I didn’t have time to play games. I thought they were a waste and not that I didn’t want to have fun but it should be a distant second to what was important and that was getting through our curriculum.

(There are games above the bookshelves on the opposite wall)

What I have learned now is that I need to let go of the idea that learning is not meaningful while we are having fun. Early on in our journey we can get caught in a vicious cycle “read textbook/complete worksheet” and that is just what it is a cycle. The whole aim of a cycle is to repeat something over and over again.

I am not saying to ban your textbooks or worksheets but realize they are not inspirational, but YOU can be.

The love of you as a teacher and the emphasis you place on learning are of way more value than any curricula you have. One way to inspire is through the love of a game and this is NOT just for young kids.

Here at my home, we have an “all day game day”. Yes, we put away all books and set aside a day we play anything we want to. By not using games every week unless you want to but throwing them in to spice up learning goes a long way to motivating reluctant learners.

While all my pictures are board games they are certainly not the only kind of games we play.


(On the bottom side one covered storage - left side)

 Games all have different purposes whether it’s physical activity, to strengthen mental abilities or just to change the mood of my kids. Challenge yourself in locating games that can teach ANY subject.



 (the other side - right)

In study ancient cultures have you ever noticed the emphasis on game playing?

(Greek vase with runners)

Although we may never know exactly why they did play games in ancient times whether for mental prowess, physical abilities or the pure enjoyment of life, we know for sure that we really do have time for games as they breathe life into our everyday learning.

And my quote for today:

"Games lubricate the body and the mind" ~Benjamin Franklin~


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