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I have to confess that other than making some fudge at home, I had never really made candy. Does that count as candy making? So I was thrilled to finally be able to do this review for our dynamic sponsor, Glee Gum.  I put off this review until after the co-op because I really wanted us to savor the sweetness and enjoy the process and we did. Glee Gum has diy candy kits and gum. But the beauty of these sweet treats is that they are made with all natural ingredients.

Tiny has been eyeing the Make Your Own Gummies From Scratch Kit by Glee Gum since we got it.  Gummy worms and bears are some of Tiny's favorite candy so he did the picking.  Kelley got the Make Your Own Chocolate From Scratch Kit to eat review. She is going to tell you below how she enjoyed her kit.

 Me? I want to tell you about how we had fun with ours. We got our choice between these three diy from scratch candy kits: Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit,  Make Your Own Gummies Kit and Make Your Own Chocolate Kit.  Also, they have all natural gum and I knew then I was on board.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to savor one of life's sweet delicacy. And oh yes I can make anything a history lesson. The American Indians chewed gum and then when we studied about the Ancient Maya and Aztecs in our rainforest unit we learned that eating chocolate was a part of their diet. It was such a nice fit when they invited us to try their products.

A few other things that caught my eye is the fact they had flavors of gum that were sugar free but without aspartame. I confessed openly about a month ago that I am a gum chewer but I prefer sugar-free. Knowing they didn't have aspartame in them was another plus for them because I try to stay away from the stuff if I get a choice. If you like your gum like I do, then you will enjoy the 8 different flavors Glee Gum has which are: cinnamon, peppermint, tangerine, bubblegum, spearmint, triple berry, sugar-free lemon-lime and sugar-free refresh-mint. Yummy.

But in making the candy is where we had our fun. I was confident that I could do the kits because they come with everything in the box to do it yourself. That is my kind of hands-on project, easy and tasty.  What is not appealing about making your own candy from scratch and with natural products? So Tiny followed the directions and he gathered some things in the bottom of his toy box and in our schoolroom to use as a mold. Some of these toys he doesn't use anymore. Not having made this before, I encouraged him to get a good variety of shapes and depths in case some don't work.

Simply press the molds or toys into the molding starch. Yep that came in a bag too. Pour it out onto a plate and that's it. The hardest part was getting Tiny to decide which molds to use.  The steps are even numbered on the instruction sheet and it only took 10 minutes for the candy to set up.

{I managed to snap this picture but after they ate the "hand mold" they made.}

He got instant gratification. Of course, if there is a sweet product to review Mr. Awesome is sure to make himself available as a "taste taster". This got a thumbs up from Tiny. I was prepared for complicated on this project and it was so refreshingly easy to do in the afternoon. Too, I didn't know that when we got the instructions with the kit that we would have a mini lesson on the benefits of seaweed too. More on that in a minute.

Then it was on to my favorite part, the gum tasting. They already had them poured into the sharing bowl for everybody to try. As I thought after having tested the candy, they were equally delish!

Did I mention another reason that we decided to try this out is because Glee Gum is about promoting education as well? They have a lot of free lesson plans and links on their sites to understand the background of chocolate and candy histories.

Having the convenience of everything packaged for you and the ease of the steps along with the natural and flavorful candy makes this an attractive product. Homemade anything, you know, is better than store bought.

Keep reading as we see what Kelley's family thought about the kit she got.

Kelley here. I will admit that I was tickled pink when we received the Make Your Own Chocolate from Scratch Kit to review.

We love chocolate and the timing was perfect. I had been reading up on chocolate and looking at recipes when I got to thinking about actually making a batch a chocolate from scratch.

I was impressed when I opened the package and saw cocoa butter in a bag, just what I had been trying to find, along with the other ingredients needed to make chocolate. Everything was nicely packaged and the instructions are nice and detailed. In the instructions it even talks about what "tempering" is and why chocolate crystals are needed to make the chocolate. Love the bit of science added in.

Now having a teen, I stepped back (ok I tried to, but it is chocolate after all) and let her make the chocolate. She chose the microwave method and followed the instructions. Now she has lots of patience (not me), I kept swinging by the counter anxiously waiting for the temperature to fall so the final ingredient could be added. I will admit that I had to taste everything as she went along.

Finally we have chocolate ready for use. Whew. It tells you it can take 15 minutes for the mix to cool enough to add that last ingredient, but I thought “no way”, “YES WAY”, who knew chocolate would cool soooo slowly. It was so worth the wait though.

We made a few plain pieces, but we were looking for all kinds of add-ins to use. We used almonds, cashews, candied ginger (my fave), cacao nibs, almond butter, peanut butter, pink peppercorns and pretzels. We had a whole plateful of chocolate pieces when we were finished.
Can you say YUM? Of course we managed to not eat all of them at one time and saved some for later. Not much later though.

My daughter and I decided this was a kit well worth getting again. The instructions are great and I really like that it gives you the option for microwave or stovetop. No guess work involved.

Like Tina mentioned in her review above, I appreciate the fact that Glee Gum provides educational material as well. On the back of our instruction sheet they have a whole page of history and information about chocolate and then refer you to their website for more educational materials.

Thank you Glee Gum for the opportunity to make and learn about one of my favorite foods.

Tina here again. We are just trying to test you out on this review to see if you can keep up with us as we go back and forth.

I have listed some of our favorite things about this product below.

  • With all those "secret" ingredients I can't even pronounce in food right now, I have gotten more picky about even our snacking. I like the fact that the candy and gum are both all natural products and plant based.
  • The candy kits are loads of fun, easy and make great gifts or a fun project to do with a unit study. The chocolate kit would be great to add to your next rainforest, Maya or Aztec unit study. The gum kit would be great too.
  • I didn't forget to tell you about the seaweed. I learned something new which is that we all use seaweed more than we realize and it makes a gel that is able to be utilized in the gummy worms we made. From their instruction sheet: Gelatin is a substance that is made by boiling animal bones. YUCK! So carrageenan is a natural plant based gel from seaweed. Pretty cool uh? What a healthy substitute.
  • They are not just interested in selling you something but educating you about how their products are plant based, environmentally friendly and your children obtain an education while having fun. Check out their free lesson plans here which have lesson plans on the history of chewing gum to chocolate to facts about the rainforest. We personally enjoyed the free educational tour of From Tree to Glee.
  • You will love their tidbits of science and history behind the projects you make.
  • Another fact I did not know: Glee Gum is the only gum in North America made with chicle, a tree sap harvested sustainably to aid rainforest conservation in Central America.
  • I love, love the fact that I can get the gum in mixed flavors. I know it says it's a great gift option on their site but for a family it can please everybody as each one gets the flavors they like the best.
  •  Mr. Awesome and Tiny wanted you to know their favorite flavors. Mr. Awesome's favorite gum was triple berry and Tiny's favorite gum was bubblegum. Me? I chewed some of ALL of them.

We are proud to represent Glee Gum and know you will enjoy their delicious and easy to make sweet treats.

Last but not least, Glee Gum has generously allowed us to give away 2 kits. So 2 winners and it is open for continental U.S. residents only.

Giveaway Ends Monday May 13 at 8:00 p.m. CST. Winners will be notified afterwards.

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