Dynamic Reader Spotlight: Life in The Rainforest Project

Posted on March 29, 2013 at 3:05 PM

I love getting your emails and hearing about your projects whether they are learning or organizing related. And, I am never too busy in my blogging schedule to pause and share when I get one from my dynamic readers. I recently got these beautiful pictures from Chayaan's mom in (Colombo, Sri Lanka) and I just had to show you what a beautiful job Chayaan did. 

Life in the Rainforest by Chayaan Perera (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Vrai, Chayaan's mother said:The cover images are all cut outs, and the other pictures of animals, birds, reptiles etc are also all cut outs pasted on to the backgrounds.

I love it because it shows how intricate children can be when learning comes alive or when you find the spark that ignites them.

You have to love the fact that when something interests a child, they will write. The key is to finding something that interests them.

Vrai also said: The pages of pictures on Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, People and Flowers have been done in 3D!


 Each key page has a 'Fact Box' into which he made and placed 'Flash Cards'.

I know he will not get tired of reviewing or going back over this. This is the kind of tool to use for assessment of knowledge instead of boring tests.

Vrai also told me: This was all his idea and plan and knowledge is all his own.

I also love the fact that he mixed and matched printables from our site and others to get something unique.

I love the end where he made a call to save the planet. Overall, you can tell how much time was spent on this project. I put Chayann's work as a slide presentation on our Amazon page. If you get a chance and have time, go on over  to our page and show this little guy some love by commenting in the box at the bottom of our website.

Chayaan, you did a GREAT job and hope you enjoyed the dynamic reader spotlight today. Thank you to your mom for sending in your hard work. She is doing a great job with you.  You made my day today.

I ALWAYS have time to see any of the work by your children or even your projects. Thanks for sharing!

I will be sharing the monthly diy calendars for the Home Management Binder on Monday but will be enjoying some time with family and friends this weekend.

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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