{Look Alive: Winter #Homeschooling Ideas & Downloads, Day 5: Look to Free Educator's Guides}

Posted on March 16, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Just in time before spring officially begins, I am wrapping up my series on the last day of {Look Alive: Winter #Homeschooling Ideas & Download. It is Day 5: Look to Free Guides}.

These next two websites have free teacher's guides that I have downloaded and refer to when I need them. They have little nuggets of information or activities to spur our creative juices when they may be running low during winter. So I want to be sure I keep them here on the blog for us.

The truth of it is that these activities can be used to chase away boredom during any season. I use the activities to enrich our unit studies and keep the guides organized by storing them both on my computer and Evernote.

I just grabbed a few pages or snippets so you can see some of what each guide contains. They contain everything from matching games to a horse flip book. They are just a few of the printables and ideas.

The first website, TelUS World of Science has the following guides on it:



Born to be Wild


Coral Reef

Dinosaurs Alive

Grand Canyon


Human Body

Hurricane on the Bayou


Mystic India

Space Station


The other favorites of mine that I have been using are here at Moody Gardens close to where I live. Be sure to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom to grab these guides or you could easily miss them.

Forgotten Gateway Educator's Guide

Planet Earth Pole to Pole Grades K-3

Planet Earth Pole to Pole Grades 4-6

Planet Earth Shallow Seas Grades K-3

Planet Earth Shallow Seas Grades 4-6

Dolphins and Whales 3D Educator's Guide

Sharks 3D Educator's Guide

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Curriculum Guide

Bones: An Exhibit Inside You Curriculum Guide

Educator's Guide Sharks 3D

Young Black Stallion

Space Station Curriculum (Large file)

Toadally Frogs Curriculum

BUGS! Curriculum

Fore the Planet Curriculum, Part 1

Fore the Planet Curriculum, Part 2

Tropical Rainforest Curriculum

Oceans of the World Curriculum

Ocean Wonderland

Movie Magic

Grand Canyon Adventure

Flight of the Butterflies

I see some topics here for spring time that I have been eyeing.  As always, I recommend that you download them and keep them because sometimes the updates on websites to make "things better" .......well..... doesn't make things better and that includes the educator's guides. Download as you have time.

Here are the links again. Click here and here.  Remember to scroll down to the bottom to see the guides on this site.

Hugs and love ya,

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