Peacock Inspired Anniversary + printable

Posted on October 17, 2012 at 7:50 PM

I know I thought the same thing as I typed out that subject. What kind of blog is this anyway? But isn't that what homeschooling is about? Stopping along the way to have time to plan things that come once in a lifetime. I have to admit last year at this time I was thinking how was I going to survive plan all these important events that happen this year. It started off with my folks 50th anniversary..

My sis, my brother and I planned for months on this to be sure we got this old Southern Plantation home with a lot of charm.

Then to be sure we got all the family, siblings and kids together and to still SURPRISE my parents was not easy. But savored the moment we did. Then it wasn't long after that in the spring that I started planning the 25th wedding anniversary of one of my dearest friends for this fall. Have you ever met anybody who doesn't care what the colors of her wedding are? Her husband picked lavender because it was his favorite color and guess what? She loathes dislikes lavender. Of course I can't imagine anybody that does not swoon over ANY shade of purple. You know how we heart that color around here. So my dilemma was to bring in other colors but add some lavender because her pictures would be in lavender. It finally hit me, we would go peacock inspired. Even using peacock feathers to decorate. I started a pinterest board too because I love this whole theme.

So on the date of this surprise party - we had about one hour to decorate and set up.

I have this crystal cake stand and so I chose a cake using purple. My girlfriends hearts purple just not lavender so that kind of saved me. But this ombre or graduated color/shades of purple really pulled it all together. Mmmm, on a side note here do you think that my crystal cake platter is too formal for the graduation party for Mr. Senior 2013 next year?

My other girl friends and I went to work to get it all up..I picked out all the colors. It was so much more fun because it wasn't my anniversary..

I use organza, feathers and silk flowers to make special chairs and just looped the material around it.

Her daughter, also helped out so much with the decorations. She made a feather pen and I made a guess sign in book or added the photo.

I made the reserved signs too out of cardstock and just created them on the computer. Of course I won't mention how many times I had to print off pages until I figured out how to stand them up.

I made an arrangement for the family tables using the same inspiration of the colors.

I picked the flowers for her bouquet to keep and her daughter created it. Not bad for no prior decorating experience uh? I think her daughter did a beautiful job. Oh by the way, yes my girl friend homeschools and her daughter is very talented don't you think?

Here is the sign in table all ready.

Then I created a purple candy buffet on the cake table. There is a vintage candy store close by house that carries sugar plums. Yes they are real and heavenly tasting.

By the way, the man at the candy shop had to go in to telling us how sugar plums are made. The smell is so over the top sweet and nothing beats the smell of homemade sugar plums. Do you think this can count as a field trip?

So for the container that had the purple sugar plums I got a glass container and glued it on a mini cake holder so they would be taller. Then I stuck some rock candy out of them and labeled all of them with lavender ribbon. {A little lavender won't hurt her.} I added suckers inside a container and had grape sticks too.

Then I created a sign to explain the candy buffet. I have to share it with you. It prints off 5 x 7 and a frame with lots of bling.

Download sign here. Print off, put in pretty frame, add candy and you are ready.

I have to share how we made this inexpensive table piece for all the guest tables. I found these glasses at the 99cent store after looking everywhere for something to use. My friend's daughter wanted this idea and it turned out so nice and so not expensive to be elegant. She glued the turquoise ribbon she found off ebay and added a tea light and some glass beads inside. Simple, inexpensive but elegant.

Everybody was ready and I think we were worried they would not show up for the *surprise* But planning every detail.....I anticipated their surprise..We had a few moments to worry though....

 FINALLY, they show up and their daughters are the first to surprise them.

I am telling you my girlfriend can some days look like she is 16 when she wears shorts in the summer. I told her to tell everybody she got married when she was just a baby...She is just about to lose it when she sees her bouquet.

Well she did here. Such a genuine friend who reminds me to not sweat over the details. Life is too precious..

Here she is again all calm now with another friend of mine who I would have not made it if she had not showed up to help set up.  She is just as beautiful inside as she is out and a true friend. I would do this all again in a minute..

We had tons of food. I make a mean chicken enchilada dish so I made chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa too. Fun, food, and dear friends = worth ALL of the time we put school on pause.

Considering I am not a decorator or crafty person, I think we pulled off this peacock color inspired theme and loved every minute I spent getting ready for it.

Just had to share with you my secret that took me over for the past few months.  Dare I even ponder the graduation party for Mr. Senior 2013?

It has been back to school for us and you know how I like to have all kinds of printables and units simmering. So I have slowly been making my way through this art curriculum and making printables with it. The next packet or 3 is almost ready. The printables have helped us out in art this year because we can use the art we bought from Barb at Harmony Fine Art or use these printables.

The art pieces in this next unit go well with a study of American History. I will share those printables next.

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Hugs you know I love ya,

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