Purdy Purdy Pink - Homeschool Graduation

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 9:55 AM

I fibbed. I know I said the inspire me review & giveaway was next, but over the weekend, I went to a homeschool graduation from one of the  families in my group and  it was so jaw dropping beautiful I had to share with you some visual eye candy. I don't know if it was because we got our first day of cool weather or if because the graduation reminded me of the traditions I grew up with on my dad's side of the family but it was a super Sunday for us. If I would have had a girl {sigh} this party reminded me of some of the girly girl things I would want.

Besides, who else but homeschoolers can have graduation parties anytime of the year and the rest of us not think anything about it?

This was the table you saw when you entered. I had to use white over her name but I don't think that takes away from her beautiful entry table. I heart how she decorated a keepsake graduation hat.

On another graduation hat on the entry table they had all the guests to sign it. You see those guys in the back ground with white shirts and black pants. They were servers. We had a sit down meal with our own servers. Can you guess by now her favorite color?

Purdy purdy pink centerpiece table decorations.

The candy buffet was so beautiful and intricately done. It took me a few pictures to look at every detail.

Look at these numbers. She had taken pictures of her field trips, family and friends and added them to the numbers 2012 as another keepsake.

Mr. Senior 2013 may not be so interested in things like that but I know it is a great keepsake idea for graduation.

All the eye to details made the candy buffet eye candy.

You can see the reaction of Mr. Awesome when I ask him if he sees any ideas I could use at his graduation party. Okay, okay, I know you appreciate this "fine art". So the candy buffet table was not to be out done by the 3rd table.

The cake table.

There were three different flavors of cupcakes to choose from.

The cakes were as delicious as they looked.

Did I tell you one of the things I really heart about this graduation was that everything was lovingly made by all the family and extended family? The aunt made the cupcakes and cake and help decorated. She homeschools too and her boys are young. I can't wait to see her boys' graduation parties. The meal was prepared by the dad who loves to cook. It was so DE-LISH. It was smoked chicken strips and beef tenderloin in a southern cajun seafood sauce on a bad of jasmine rice.

Mr. Senior 2013 snapped this picture of the Mr. and me before the party started. I told you it was cool weather here because my hair gets more wild and big. Hubby is feeling better each day. It has been a long road to recovery. Some days good, other days not so good but one day at a time we take it.

There is the guest of honor. Her parents had got her the most frilly foo foo purdy pink dress. I snapped this picture of Mr. Senior 2013 right when the dance started before anybody else got up. My travel point and shoot camera is not so good on moving action photos but overall it was such a fun night for all of us. The family went to such great lengths to show their appreciation to not only me and my family for helping them on their homeschool journey but for all the support they got from friends. Going sappy on you here. To see little girls turn into such beautiful Christian woman, it stirs my heart.

I hope maybe it gives you an idea or two when it comes time to prepare for graduation in your family. It comes quicker than you realize.

I promise this time, a giveaway is next.

Meso-America Free lapbook is in the works. I have a printable for the student planner that was a special request. Pictures to share of the few changes I made to our school area and a little bit on organization of the kitchen is still coming.

Hugs today, you know I love ya,

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