Student Planner-Covers for Boys {Printables} + Two Winners of Giveaway + Networked Blog Going Away

Posted on July 22, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Phew that is a lot in the subject line, but I figured it was better than saying I have a lot of stuff to share today.  Let me get the boring but important stuff out of the way first. Networked Blog will not be on our site anymore after July 31. Those that follow using Networked Blog please sign up another way so we don't lose you. You can follow by email or Google +.

To follow us by email, go to this link. The page looks like the picture below. I highlighted what you need to fill in. Just fill it out and that's it. I don't like techie complicated stuff so this keeps its easy.

To follow us by Google +. Go to our home page at the link below:

We have two winners of our The King Philip's War Adventure. I REALLY enjoyed reviewing that book because I like reading things that I didn't really get to read a lot about when I was in public school. So I hope ya'll like it as much as  I did. The winners are:

1st Winner - The 7th person that commented: Theresa C.

Theresa C. 12:58 PM on July 20, 2012  Sounds like a very interesting book. I'm always looking for something out of the ordinary to teach my kids. This sounds like a winner!! Please enter me in the contest.

2nd Winner - The 1st person that commented; Salena Tucker

Salena Tucker 06:29 PM on July 19, 2012  I would like a copy Thanks

Congratulation winners and email us at dynamic2moms {at} yahoo {dot} com so we can get your freebie to you.

Next, like I promised I have the new student planner updates ready to start sharing with you. I should have named July the Party Blowout month. Between the Blogabration and the Giveaways, it has been great but put me a tad behind on sharing with you---- but--- hey what a great summer we have been having.

However, a full load of school looms around the corner for us and I want to get the student planner printables to you. Like the Curriculum Planner, I will try to space our blog posts so that not all printables are just the Student Planners because I know not everybody does one.

So here are three covers to choose from and I started with covers for the boys. My middle son named them {The one in the red jacket in the picture below. The one with a GREAT sense of humor}. Shhhhh!! Don't tell him I told you he had to name them. He thought his descriptions were better than mine {meaning mine are "boring"}. He figured your guys would at least like the name of it. Too, I know some girls like these kind of covers. Just telling you I kind of designed it with guys in mind, like mine who are a lot particular about how it looks and colors. Girls are coming soon.

Download Dyed Zebra here

Download Somewhere Beyond the Beyond

Download Rock On!

{Remember you get my printables first so download from the blog because when I get time I upload them to our site . It could be weeks or even months. Also the planner covers are editable. If your young guy wants to type in the school year and his name, have had it. If not, he can fill it in by hand. His choice.}

About the Student Planner - I will be updating the student planner as I feel it needs a lot of love attention this year. I have some pages coming for record keeping. I hear ya when you ask for "special requests" too. It may take me a while to work it in but I try. I want to share a blog post too in the future about how to use one and what to put in it. But in the meantime, if you do have a special request just add your comment to this blog post. It helps me keep organized by "keeping" that comment here with this post as a "reminder" for future forms.

Girls covers coming soon but uhhmmm you can bet my son won't name those. Planner pages updated coming soon too.

I had to share this cartoon by Todd Wilson. I really heart his cartoons because he keeps it real in the homeschooling world.

Todd Wilson

Wanting to keep it real as I go into this next school year,

{Wanting to hear from you winners AND Networked Blog Followers, switch over before the end of the month.}

Hugs and love ya,

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