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Posted on June 13, 2012 at 6:35 PM

I was nominated yesterday for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs. Like I mentioned yesterday in my quick newsflash, contests are just plain fun.

If you haven't had a chance to read my short shameless plug, then you can vote for my blog 1x each day until June 27. I hope you like the freebies and things I share here. If you get a chance, give me a vote at this link.

If you voted yesterday, thank you and you can vote today too, tomorrow, the next day, the next..hee hee....

Switching gears here, I wanted to let you know the main focus this month is on the Curriculum Planner. I do plan on updating the Student Planner but I have boot camp coming up next week for the New Bees so I will be working off/on the Student Planner at a slower pace, but it will come.

Again, my main focus is the Curriculum Planner.

One thing I wanted to remind you of is that I have all kinds of color combinations on different forms. What makes your planner unique is that we each have downloaded different pages. The mix and match of the colors is what makes it unique and have style. So don't be afraid to mix and match the colors.

Here is the next round of printables.

Another Choice for the Keep Cover - Navy Blue.  I try to give you at least 4 choices each year, so this is one more choice for a keeper cover. It is also editable so that you can add dates and the current year on it.

Download here Keep Cover.

Another Choice for the Academic Cover - Same thing here, I try to give you at least 4 choices and here is the 4th cover.

Download here Academic Cover

About the Field Trip Forms - This is another area I have been wanting to improve and have this year.

I have two forms. One form is a YEAR overview. You can plan or track your field trips and by also tracking "what type" it gives you a glimpse of what types of field trips you have attended in the past years. At times we want to bring balance and I know for me I can't remember exactly what types we have had in the past. If you want to bring balance to your educational objectives it lets you see this at a glance.

Also, I have a form that is for actually planning EACH field trip. There are two forms per page. Since Kelley and I plan field trips each month during the school year for our group, it gives me a place to keep my notes. Even if you don't lead a group and want to plan a field trip for your family, it will help you to see important questions to ask.

And oh yes, the year overview is editable too. If you want to fill out all the weeks before you bind it, knock yourself out typing them in or write them in. I like both ways. It's all pretty to me.

Download the year overview here.

 Download the planning form here that is 2 per page.


About the Grading Sheet - I offer two options on my site now and Cori emailed me asking for a third option. I want you to know that I listen if you need something unique because somebody else may have the same circumstance and well too I kind of like you.

This third option is has a lot of flexibility. Cori told me she lived in a state that required a more specific breakdown of each subject to be graded. So this form has part that is editable and part left blank so you fill in your subjects. It is for ONE child per page. The student's name is editable the record of class grades is editable. All subject areas left blank to be written in, grading scale editable to be typed in by you and the section I had for quizzes is editable as well.

Download this very flexible grading sheet here.

I have updated the actual planning pages too {yikes} and will be offering more variety on them as well. I have those coming in an upcoming post and don't want to overwhelm you.

Enjoy the downloads today.

I found the quote below inspiring today. Oh I could apply this so many ways. Do you ever feel your life is so out of the norm and you wonder if you really make a difference to your kids, your husband, to the homeschooling world?

I believe that each of us have unique things we have been blessed with and we need to share or everybody loses out.

"When you're always trying to conform to the norm, you lose your uniqueness, which can be the foundation for your greatness."

~ Dale Archer~

Find your inner greatness and I am glad you are here.

Hugs, love ya!

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