Exhausted but Exhilarated + {surprise download}

Posted on June 4, 2012 at 9:20 AM

I just can't take it when I get ready to speak at homeschool conventions. I get all woozy and excited when it comes to talking to new and seasoned veterans alike. Don't get me wrong I love online conventions but if you have never been to a convention where you are actually in person with other homeschoolers there is just something about  the homeschool spirit you can't feel online. It is contagious and I am seriously infected. Even at a mini convention like we attended or an open house, they just lift you up. Rubbing shoulders with other homeschoolers and talking from your heart on things that affect us all feels good even if we need to gripe about it. Did I mention that friendships in the homeschool world just grow and multiply until we are overflowing with new friends, experiences and lifetime memories? I hope you get a chance to go to one this summer or have already attended one.

I tried to be good this weekend and take care of my voice but it is a little hoarse. Here are some pictures and I am sure because I never take a breath in talking all my pictures look like I am in awful pain. But I am ready to get back on track as I have so many projects I have been working on and want to share with you.

This workshop was about organization. Guess what?  I will be sharing some of my visuals from this workshop with you too...

Like I said new friendships, even through business overflow. This is Heather and she is a Senior Advertising Representative for TOS {The Old Schoolhouse Magazine}. She is the one that helps us in our advertising with TOS.  I finally got a chance to meet her when she attended my workshops. Kindred spirits I am telling you. {It's crazy because our shirts even somewhat match}. Even though we don't receive a dime for telling you, if you are thinking about advertising in their magazine, you need to let her help you. I liked her because she is so workable and not pushy.

Guess what? Because we do advertise in TOS and because I love you, I can give you the link to the new June TOS issue. Would you like the magazine for free this month? Here is the link below AND the TOS App is new in Amazon for Android Devices. Here is that link to the App. I loved reading it on my Kindle Fire this weekend.

I think we look not too bad toward the end of the day..

What is it about any workshop that nobody wants to sit on the front row? Look at these New Bees in one of my workshops that was getting ready to begin. Aren't they sweet looking? I already have them smiling. If I don't do anything else that weekend but make them feel good  and reassure them about their choice to start this new journey, it is all worth it.

I have been tempted to take all the chairs off the front row after they come in and sit down and right before I start but hey it's a good place to put your drinks...

I especially like it when the dads come to my  workshops because as moms we need our husband's support.. So when they come to my workshops anytime, I always try to go out of my way to make them feel welcome.

Exhausted by exhilarated after another convention.

Are you ready for the next round of printables for your planner? Recuperating today I should have them ready for you.

Next, I have been updating my Home Management Binder {already} and my Recipe Book. Want to update yours when I do mine? I have some printables for that too.

In between, I am actually going to try to take some time off and do some "dates" with hubby....

Enjoy the magazine today and please remember this download is not to share, it is just for YOU.

I thought about this quote today because I talked about the many times we fall short in teaching our children, in forgiving others, in forgiving our self and in organization. But really it is all about knowing now what does not work for us and trying something new..You DID learn!

"What we perceive as a failure may simply be our inner being's way of telling us that we are ready to move to a new level of growth."

~ Anne Wilson Schaef ~

Hugs and love ya,

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