Home Management Binder + Finances {3 printables}

Posted on April 2, 2012 at 7:40 PM

Phew--it took me a little longer on the financial part of this binder because I promised myself I would fill in my information first on these forms so I would get it done {nothing like some good old pressure} before I sent you your forms. I survived, your turn!

Again remember, just like my planner, I can add any form we may need later after I get the main parts of it down. Here is how I broke this section down.

This form is the Monthly Budget and is EDITABLE. I am learning a lot about this process and promised I would share my brainstorming and thoughts as I went along. One thing I have learned is that I end up having more forms editable than I  thought I would.  Did you notice that too?

Editable forms, to me, are ones that either set a budget in place or keeps information stored for a while. I see now that there is quite a bit of information that ends up being stored. Forms to fill in by hand are ones that we either write day by day or add info a little at a time. {like my curriculum planner though I will be working on adding more editable forms.....just a little off topic here}

This monthly budget form should be something your family works toward meeting. A plan of action! I have "Source" down because some of us need to identify where our incomes comes from. There may be child support payments, social security for a young child, dividend profits or maybe you contribute to the income on a part time basis or you are the sole provider. Use that area to fill that in.

The GROSS INCOME and EXPENSES boxes were made to be highlighted better.

Now this next form is ACCOUNTIBILITY baby.....we gotta have it as much as we don't like it. This form is for "Actual Spending", a tracking form of a sort. So it is not editable because most times we will be hand writing in one expense at a time. Then a small area at the bottom if we had a deficit or surplus if we saved.

This form can be used to track ANYTIME the budget gets adjusted.

This last form is EDITABLE as well and ugggggg it probably took me the longest to fill out. But it is the actual page where you list Creditors, acct balances and contact information.

You will notice the orange brackets. I feel it is more organized to sort creditors by TYPE than alphabetically. When my husband and I are discussing our budget, we need to see in one spot all of the SAME TYPE of bills whether they are credit cards or entertainment or donations. So in the orange brackets, fill in the type, i.e. "Credit Cards", "Mortgage", "Entertainment", "Utilities","Insurance", etc..

Use as many pages as necessary --- I have 3! If you need two sections just fill in the brackets and the flexibility is yours to choose.

Download all three pages here.

We are coming down to the home stretch on this binder. My binder is looking fat and is yours looking? I do think I will be creating some "doodle pages or note pages" for us. Don't you think we need that in our binder?

Can you think of anything else?

Love this quote today!

 "I am not confused, I'm just well mixed."

~Robert Frost~


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