"Mom, those kids are going to have to get out of the house sometimes."

Posted on March 20, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Plans go awry even with the best planning. My plan the last few days was to change out my sluggish router over the weekend, blog about starting my how - to series soon, finalize the French and Indian War Lapbook and just be on task with what I wanted to share.

Let me see, my router didn't work after I thought I reconfigured it so I was without internet for a day or so. My Home Management Binder needed more pockets for all the kitchen appliance warranties and papers I added, my how to series post is still waiting to be drafted, the French and Indian Lapbook is sitting here too and oh yes the new air conditioner went out in my home.

Trying to "fix" the complete waste of the last few days, I decided we would head to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a few books we have been eyeballing. Smelling the aroma of fresh brewed coffee when I walked in, I had hopes that the rest of my day would be uneventful if I could just grab my caffeine fix.

Wrong. As I got ready to pay for the books and presented my educator's discount , the lady at the checkout counter ask me what grade did I teach. As I have done a zillion times before I kindly informed her I was a homeschooler not a public school teacher.

Her reply was "Mom those kids are going to have to get out of the house sometimes." {here the end of my kindness stopped}

Before I could pray for a more mild and gentle reply {mild person I am so not} I answered "What makes you think that they do not get out? Tell me what is so normal about folks who hold kids as captives in one room with four walls all day long competing for one teacher's time? Institutions are for prisoners. "

Ouch. ouch. ouch.

Recalling my words in our workshops when teaching the New Bees of how not to respond to someone, I just didn't know if I could redeem homeschooling or myself.

The silence seemed longer but I finally was able to come back with a more eloquent reply and shared all the activities that my kids participated in.

The lady shared that one son was a principal of a school and her daughter is a teacher. As a proud mother of her children and rightly so, public school was her whole life. Explaining that I have respect for any public school teacher, our conversation lead to her ask many other questions about homeschooling. The outcome was overall positive but not before a lot of reflection on my part.

I try to lead by example but I fall short many times. In the end, I want it to always be about the sheer delight and immense satisfaction every day I get from being with my children.

I never did grab my coffee fix. Have you ever felt like you wanted a do over?

Printables are ready for the next section of our Home Management Binder.

Thinking about those times when not all goes as planned, reminds me of this quote for today

{"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret."}

~ Jackie Joyner-Kersee ~

Hugs from "back on track"

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