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Posted on February 20, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Even though I had a quite a bit of time to myself BC {before children}, I am not sure how I entertained myself. Things like sock sorters rock my world now. I have such laundry bliss when I see matching socks in my washer.

{1} I love the sock sorters that come from the Container Store. They go from washer to dryer to even drawer if we have run short on laundry folding time. {love love} By making the boys put them on the socks right when they take off their socks, it saves me {them} time for matching socks. I put a small basket right beside the laundry hamper for the sorters and remember to praise them as they remember to do it.  They may have a pair or two they forgot to match. But matching 4 socks is nothing compared to matching 40 all boys white socks.

{2} Another favorite of my at this time of the year is to indulge our passion for learning deeper about Geography. Geography is about so much more than coloring a map. Did you know that some adults { uhmm I meant kids} can't find Massachusetts? We have been using Runkle's World Geography. I like very few textbooks but this one is a definite keeper. It is for grades 7 -12. I have a few more things I will be sharing with you soon that I like about it and something special for ya that I made to go along with it.

{3} In my New Bee workshop this month it was "show and tell" and sharing some of my favorites. One game I share every year is Art Lotto Game by National Gallery of Art. I like it because any age can play. You don't have to be able to read, just match up art paintings. It is like having a mini art course by playing memorization. The game has 45 individual cards and 5 playing boards. It covers art from different periods of Western art including classical, romantic, impressionist and modern styles. The cards have the title of the work, the artist name and their lifespan on each card. It works fine with two players, but the more the better. Have someone flip over the painting and see if you have it on your board. If you do you get to keep it. It works kind of like BINGO.

{4} Here in south Texas, I can still wear open toe shoes or sandals sometimes during February {like now}. Because I don't want to have to take a jackhammer after my heels, I have tried everything to keep them looking decent and soft and not dry.  Then my guy that does my pedicure told that about this new product called AmLactin  that has just been released for over the counter use. It was prescription only by dermatologist and podiatrist. I am telling ya it WORKS! He said it could only be found at Walgreens so I haven't checked Walmart yet. I have been treating my feet to a lavish lump of it every night!

{5} I like crafts but I am not really a crafty person I would say. My craft purchases only extend to things for our lapbooks and planners. So when it comes to pens and pencils to use on our lapbooks and my planners, I have a craze for them. I have been trying to determine what I will use to write with in the Home Management Binder we are building. {big project for me} These pens by EKSuccess and sold under the Martha Stewart Craft name have been a keeper for me. I LOVE the colors like moonstone, ladybug and OH YES my very favorite turquoise. The hues keep bright. I have had mine for almost 3 years and the points are very fine {.7mm}. I got mine at Michaels or Hobby Lobby but they are perfect for switching colors around on the binder as I get ready to hand print the Home Management Binder.

What rocks your world today?

Hugs for today,



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