Can't keep up? Simplify with Drawers

Posted on January 13, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Wouldn't you agree that early in our homeschool journey, we find out that having clean, simple and uncluttered areas keeps our homeschool day running smoothly. But what does it look like? Well for me, it looks like this. Fancy smancy it is not but clean, simple and uncluttered helps me to keep up with supplies.

The drawers are one per subject and I have a set of drawers for each son. What goes in my drawers?

{My older two boys get EVERYTHING in their drawers for each subject.}

EVERYTHING is the Teacher's Manual, Student Books, Tests and Answer Packets, if any. Also in the picture below you can see  that DVD players or laptops fit because I measured *EVERYTHING* that was going to go in the drawers prior to purchasing. {please don't run buy, then measure. Measure first always so you don't organize "organizational bins and drawers"}

Colorful labels helps me to create a space that is cheery too. But not only that, it is a reminder of ONLY what goes into that drawer and no more.

 Last but not least, keep the top of your drawers cleared off. I know it's tempting to store more items up there but unless it's a light weight basket it can really be a distraction. Here is what I keep on top of my drawers.

It is each of my sons class schedule. My husband had some left over 12 x 9 Avery Job Ticket Holders and they are just perfect for storing their class schedules in.

{They can glimpse at their day and remember what subject they are suppose to be on at any given time.}

Too with the heavier weight holder instead of a page protector they can take this schedule to whatever room they are working in on their assignments.

Here is my 11th grader's student schedule I finished. He does not need my help very often as long as I help him manage his time. At this age though he does a very good job but still, like us, he needs to see a schedule.

Remember the Class Schedules or Student Schedules are "editable" now. You can grab the class schedule forms here on my site.

I have used many organizational systems over the years but keep coming back to clean, simple and uncluttered drawers.

How about you, have you cleaned your drawers out for the new year?

What's coming soon on my blog?

There is no denying that I am partial, biased and one-sided when it comes to curriculum or curriculum helps by other home schooling moms. {there I said it, I like other homeschool moms because "they get IT, they get our needs when homeschooling"} 

Even though I end up sharing a lot of freebies, there are certain items that are worthy of mention from time to time.

  • I have two curriculum items created by homeschool moms that I want you to know about and I will be sharing them with you soon

Too, if any of you have blogs or websites you know how uncooperative they can be when you want to reach a deadline. They seem to have minds of their own.

  •  Well, the winter unit will be ready next. I had hoped to have it for you this week but our website just finished with upgrades so I will have that for you soon.

My workshop starts back up tomorrow morning and I am excited to see the New Bees again. So I will be spending part of my weekend with my New Bees. I also have some home organization projects I plan to share with you soon.

Keep on organizing!

Hugs today and here is a quote I love

"You just can't beat the person who never gives up."

~ Babe Ruth~



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