What is your teaching style? Dionysian, Epimethean, Promethean or Apollonian

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 8:10 PM

What? Would you understand it any better if I ask you if your teaching style was Otter, Lion, Beaver or Golden Retriever? Is that a double "what"?


Cathy Duffy to the rescue to help us out with some easier terms when it comes to teaching styles and learning styles. Cathy Duffy coined the terms Sociabel Sue, Perfect Paula, Competent Carl and Wiggly Willy that are much more easier to understand.

Let's break down each of these teaching/learning styles so we can learn more about why we teach a certain way and why our children may or may not understand us.

Why do this? Because we become better teachers when we understand not just our child's strengths and weaknesses but ours as well. I will break down each personality one per week over the next four weeks.

Let's look at The Dionysian Temperament/Lion /or Wiggly Willy personality and teaching style.

Does this describe your or your child?


 The Rebel

Adventurer and likes action

Active and focuses on doing

impulsive and uninhibited



has "live and let live" spirit "easy come, easy go"


Some favorite subjects would be

Arts, Crafts, Sports, Drama, Music and Recreation

Preferred way of teaching.

This type of teacher would prefer to teach in "short spurts" using performances, games and demonstrations and anything involving a group.

Struggles to focus on:

Lack of follow through and can be unpredictable while trying to "seize the moment"

Does that sound like you? If not, next Tuesday I will break down another personality type. I will be sharing some teaching tips as the end of this series as well.

Hugs for today and I think this quote sums up how we feel at times when we are dealing with different personalities to teach.

"Differences of opinion can be creatively stimulating as well as frustrating"

~Jim Coleman~




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