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Posted on August 21, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Okay so don't forget everything I told you about how long I put together a unit or lapbook, I do like to take months. This one was made over the weekend but it doesn't count  *officially* because it is a *subtopic* of the Ocean Unit that we are

 Want to check out one minibook from the unit? Go here and download a book. (remember this is not on the site either. As  I mentioned before and because some of ya'll are still getting use to the way I function, I work on both websites in intervals always packing things away on it and then reveal the page.)


We are actually taking a class this week on Coral Reefs and since it's tied in with a field trip, the boys decided that would make a good easy lapbook. (I like things easy). Since we do write each week (writing based on what we are learning so its more pertinent and interesting) and do composition, we like our lapbooks to always be fresh and light.

So this doesn't really a full unit..just 1/2 of one doesn't it?

As I blogged before, I really do like to spend months ahead of time to prepare bigger units like for our co-ops. Too, it's easier to prepare units when there is an abundance of free material on line like this one on the Coral Reef.

When will I turn on the page and upload the lapbook? You'll be the first to know..I hope you like my pace, it is the way my brain works..

I have to have several projects going and mull them over and then release slowly..So I have some more forms for the Curriculum Planner (remember I am in a "test mode") . I am using a 3 ring binder (yuk) so I can add to it as necessary until I get through at least one term and see what my needs will be .

I have the Timeline that I have completed but again, mulling over the layout of the pages to see if this will work for us.. And yes working on the new unit for this year's co-op and doing subtopics on the Ocean unit as my boys decide.

Managing several things is very comforting to me.

Also though tonight is my workshop for our 2011-2012 workshops. So my dear New Bees are first and when I regain consciousness, I will release the new lapbookt.. hee hee I promise it won't be long.

Please think about Kelley and me tonight. We'll share pictures too.

TIME SENSITIVE FREEBIES - hurry hurry freebies


Hillsdale College is offering a FREE copy of the U.S. Constitution. This offer is available to the U.S. and Canada, while supplies last.

This link is not playing nice, so here is the whole thing instead of hyperlink:

Amazon is offering a FREE download of the ebook Escape from the World Trade Center by Leslie Haskin.  (true account)

Click here to go there.


Free Everything College Survival Book

Remember - Because Amazon changes the price  frequently it should always be 0.00.

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Gold Medal is offering a FREE Whole Wheat Baking eBook. The book contains recipes for berry crisp, pancakes, Snickerdoodle cookies and pizza crust. This offer is available internationally, for a limited time

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 FREEBIES  - when you have time freebies


Free Science Book

 A science teacher just uploaded a book that he is writing to share for free in the public domain. In addition he has some other tools and resources he finds useful on the net that he uses in his classroom here on his site.

Here is what he has so far in the books and more to come:

Matter and Atoms

Matter and Changes

Water - Properties and Solutions

Chemical Reactions


Air Pollution

Air Pressure

Air Layers

Heating Earth's Air

Water and Precipitation


Weather Prediction and Storms

 More to come...

Click here to go there.


Free Habitat Posters

Ya'll know another reason I am sharing these links I have for free curriculum/things is to organize them here on my blog. So I always enjoying sharing a few each time. I don't like tons of links thrown to me at one time but a few each day so I can organize them. So here is one for you that I have marked.

It is free habitat posters and actually the one on coral reef above makes a great picture for the outside of your lapbook or a divider in your notebook. I will actually have some covers for the coral reef lapbook but you have choices when you can download for free things like this.

There are actually 6 BEAUTIFUL COLOR grab them all.

Click here to go there.

 And finally, I know not all my readers are New Bees but whether you are or not, let go of last year and the guilt if your well meaning plans failed and remember ---


Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

~ Raymond Lindquist~


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