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Testing is a fact of life and test scores are looked at by most colleges. The truth of it is somewhere in your homeschooling journey you will have to test your children.

Myself, like so many never questioned the purpose of testing. I just blindly followed along thinking by administering tests I could determine whether or not my son was progressing. Seasoned veterans assured me that by me tutoring my child each day, I would know what he did or did not know. I confess I never listened to them. The first year of homeschooling I tested my poor little guy anyway.

In my stupidity, as I so fondly recall how I printed off enough unit studies for a lifetime of learning, my son still managed to jump two grade levels in reading. How did I do that? I still didn't know at that time.

On behalf of your children, I plead for them, and ask you to now decide why it is you want to test. Whether you live in a state that does or does not require testing, ponder and analyze some questions about standardized tests.

1. What is it you're measuring?

2. What are your purposes for testing?

3. Is it fair to test a child on something you have not taught in your home?

4. Will tests be your only means to measure success?

5. Are all tests the same?

6. Do tests measure knowledge or "readiness"?

7. How will testing affect your child? If he is gifted and talented, will the attitude that he might develop thinking he is supreme to other children be one you want to cultivate? If he tested behind a majority of other children his age, will his self-esteem be diminished to never get it back?

8. If you live in a state that requires testing, wouldn't you agree that your attitude negative or positive towards the result can affect your child?

Evaluate the need for testing and ask why. Unless you have twelve children, you don’t have a classroom. You will know what your children know or don't know by tutoring them 1:1 each day and not by a test. If you feel the need to use tests to authenticate your homeschool, then ask yourself one last question: "If my child is reading or studying about a subject he is passionate for, and all he could think about was a test and scoring high, wouldn't it take every bit of enjoyment out of learning?"

Balance is always needed in every aspect of homeschooling and the topic of testing is no different. Some states require it and if they do how about asking another homeschool mom who is a licensed teacher to administer it? There is nothing like having a fellow homeschool mom who understands our vital role as parents.

Testing can be used for good and it is a useful tool when needed. We all have to take them. Just remember you are the true gauge of how much your children are actually learning.

Get off to a good start by pondering how you will use the testing tool this year.

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