Freebies I got;History Sort of Mood; Free Print Mini Site; Unit Study on Japan

Posted on July 21, 2011 at 9:22 PM

I was getting ready to send this picture below until I got lots of freebies yesterday, so I took the picture above real quick to include what I got since yesterday too.

I got my free subscription to Martha Stewart Living and I got TWO different copies when I received my first issue. Did you get your free clothes from My Habit -- the affiliate store of Amazon? I got the above nice dress shirt (free means no shipping  ..LOVE IT) for my youngest guy.

I love magazines that I get free because I don't feel so guilty throwing them away when I want to.

Just think what could be done if I put any amount of time into getting all of my groceries for free.

Today, I think I am in a history-kinda of-crafty but not too much work type of mood. So I thought I would share these two fun sites.

We did my free Japan lapbook I have on my personal site Dynamic 2 Moms. Now this isn't the exact one my boys did but my boys can be a tad shy about sharing their work (ME?? not and they change moods at times and then want things shared. I never press them about anything but have learned to make "model pictures" to share with others.This must be a boy thing uh?

So I want to share this link to a Free Japan Unit Study that helped us along in our studies. I think she did a great job of gathering links and resources and putting them in one spot. Check it out.




 This site has been one of my favorite for years. Even though I don't make doll houses, we do like to print mini things to fit our unit studies, lapbooks and notebooking pages.

Above are just a few of the mini printables on his site. The best way to navigate the site is to be sure to click on the left on EACH size. Not all the print minis are listed on each size so you will get a few different ones. Here is a picture of the top left side of his site and I highlighted what I am talking about in case it sounds like jibberish....

There are nature things, books and old posters and yes some animal skin rugs that uhmmm don't know what I would do with they look good....

My other free history unit is coming along nicely. I will let you when I upload it. I keep the history units on Dynamic 2 Moms Site.

Enjoy your Friday--I am glad that our pool is almost back to the beautiful blue hue. Everybody here is too hot to do anything this weekend except float in the pool AND we only do that in the evening.

Hugs and remember,


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