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Posted on July 3, 2011 at 3:51 PM


I don't know what is wrong with me this time of the Kelley tells me that I go on "binges" and start "creating" new forms and units.

Guess what I did some more?  And because you are following me you will always be some of the first to know.  I have a big history unit coming up soon that will go on our Dynamic 2 Mom's site. I will let you know when that is coming too!

But what I finished this past week was two more Curriculum Covers that are part of the "Keeper Series" meaning we will keep these on our New Beginnings site since they are not dated.

You can download those covers on this page in case you get a head rush and need to run right over there and do that :o) 




Also I uploaded the rest of the forms for year around schooling. I have two options for following year around scheduling. One is to use as you somewhat following the school schedule so my forms are from July to Jun (top row above) and the other form is for following a physical year calendar (bottom row above).


If you need to download those forms above to finish printing your planner, click to go there now.

I have followed both schedules in my school and I do have to say I enjoy slightly more following the physical year.

I think I enjoy following it because while everybody else is doing 'back to school"  plans we have already been in a routine. To be able to stop and close your year when the weather is changing to cooler is also a good time for us to slow down and enjoy being outside more. It is nice to have a break toward the end of the year.

I still hit all the good sales on school supplies during this month and August . But also a plus for me  buying school supplies at that time is that we are in the "middle" of our year so if a project comes up, we have that time to see what neat notebooks/paper/new items are out that we may need for upcoming work.

I hope to be starting an ocean unit soon. We have done one when the kids were real young, but I think it's time for another one. For my unit studies, I always start wayyyyyy out early "hunting" some of the better free things online. What do I mean by wayyyy out ? I mean as much as months before I start putting my material together and then a little longer before I present it to them.

If I am not familiar with a subject then I can't expect my kids to be. So I start early educating myself about the topic and try to anticipate some of their interests so  I can cover that through notebooking or lapbooking.

I like both of these sites especially because they have curriculum guides and the one site even has a "teacher answer key" thank you very much.

Check 'em out. This one is National Marine Sanctuaries.

Click on the Teacher's Section to get free guides AND then the Student's Section to get more free downloads and games.

Be sure to click all around that site and look under Free Material then Materials and Publications too as it has some more downloads on animal matching from Hawaii


And don't just think Ocean Study is for younger kids...I have an older guy too that likes to still join us, especially when we do unit studies.

This site has a Free Curriculum for grades 6 - 12 ---AND AND -----you can create a DVD off their site to use with your curriculum. I haven't had time to create it, but will be soon as it takes me a while when it comes to "techy things" as I uhmmmm should I say "don't like them" but yes I can figure them out....just not my favorite thing in the world to sit down and burn a CD but it really doesn't take that long. But then again I have a couple of  teens so I see a project for them.

You can download this curriculum in parts and then use the DVD to help you with it.  Also this site is the one where it has Student Handouts with some of the downloads and the Teacher's Keys.

Okay, need I go on. LOVE this site if you want "practical" things to actually teach with...


Here is what they said about the DVD

"Download the Field Season DVD

Now you can take highlights of our ocean exploration missions with you. Below are instructions for creating a copy of our 2008 Field Season DVD.

Each Field Season DVD contains essays, daily logs, photos and videos from that year and previous years' missions. Best of all, it's free and can be used without an Internet connection."

All the instructions for either a PC or Mac are on this page.


How about one more very important freebie? lol...This next one is "time sensitive".


This is from PF Changs (yum yum,one of my favorite places) and  this is from their facebook page. FREE Lettuce Wraps on July 6.

(Mark your reminder, I put my reminders on my Google Calendar instead of my phone because it goes to my phone and PC that way).

From the site:  "PFC Fans, how do FREE Lettuce Wraps sound to you? As a part of our 18-year anniversary celebration in July, we are going to be giving you, our Facebook Fans, FREE Orders of Lettuce Wraps. Check back July 6 to download yours..."

This is the only link I have now, be sure to check their Wall too if you can't find it that day....

And I want to share one of my favorite pictures of my youngest guy. As usual I am organizing something on the table, he was eating his peanut butter and jelly and he was suppose to entertain himself..He came back with this "get up"....

I couldn't figure out if he was ready for a vacation or a gun fight

Hugs to you,

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