Free EBook:Science for Toddlers/Babies, Free Insect Guides (cool), Free Magazine for Teens, Free Printables for Kung Fu Panda :o)

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 7:29 PM

Welcome to my newer blog followers! Glad to have you here. I am sharing encouraging articles about all kinds of homeschooling topics and also the how-to's of homeschooling. Too, I love freebies and I hope you like 'em too---it's nice to have those along the way in our journey--so I throw those in as well.

Here are some freebies today for ya'!

Get a free issue of Teen Ink's monthly print magazine!

After you fill it out you get a download link OR you can request a hard copy. I have never seen this magazine so be sure to look it over since it's written by "teens" Just wanted to be sure to give you the heads up about that.

From the site: Receive one issue of Teen Ink's print magazine completely free! Teen Ink is written entirely by teens and distributed to thousands of schools nationwide. Any student can submit creative writing, art and photography at no charge. Since 1989 we have published more than 25,000 student works.



Next something really educational here ...LOL....Free Kung Fu Panda Printables.

This is really cute.  It includes masks, dot to dot, spy games,etc.





A free ebook from Science at home. A site for science for babies, toddlers and kids




This next freebie came from Click Schooling and WOW! This website is from Save Nature and it's about insects. It has downloadable learning sheets, "Insect Activity Sheets" and "Insect Fact Sheets"

Look at this partial list from the site.

"Below are free learning guides to jump-start your nature discovery!

Exploring Rainforests

Exploring Coral Reefs

Coral Reef Nature Notes

Coral Reef Coloring Sheet

Hummingbird Food Plants for Bay Area Landscapes

Que es un Artropoda

The Importance of Insects and Their Arthropod Relatives

Insect Activity Sheets

Insect Coloring Sheet

Ecosystems & Insects Lab

Classifying Arthropods

Bugs in the System Recipes

Backyard Biodiversity

Federally Endangered and Threatened Species of Arthropods

Insect Safari/Bilingual English/Spanish

Common Bay Area Butterflies and their foodplants "




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