Have You Learned the Secret to Homeschool Joy?

Posted on May 22, 2011 at 11:41 PM

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing your homeschool joy? Fault finding and complaining are close allies of discontentment. Discontentment can rob you of homeschooling joy. At this time in our school year, it really is important to think of the blessings we have received and progress we have made to this point. We need to be thankful for them.

Because we are imperfect we will always have feelings of being inadequate. Too, we are not immune to this world's constant bombardment of thinking that "more academics and beginning at a very early age" equates to homeschooling success.

Too, as moms if we constantly fault find with our children and keep switching curriculum in the hopes of finding something better, we rob our children of valuable time that could be spent together.

The most rounded out and successful homeschooling families have all shared a common thread. The environment the child learns in and the attitude of joy that was maintained by the whole family was of far more importance than being overly concerned about national test levels.

True, it's not easy to feel joyful if we are sick, have fallen behind in our goals, have a household of young demanding children, or have very little support from our husbands as far as homeschooling.

However, focusing on the things we do have and are appreciative for keeps me pluggin' along.

Do you view it a PRIVILEGE to homeschool? When it's viewed that way we never take it for granted. If joy is missing in your homeschool day, have you spent time reflecting on the positive?

Savour the progress you made this year. Progress IS measured in tiny baby steps. If it's moving forward at a crawl, it's STILL progress.

Contentment is of GREAT value in your journey. Do not compare your progress to others.

Journal or record the progress however tiny it was this year. The secret of joyfully homeschooling for not just one year or even five years is sweet contentment.


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