Free Educational Software Package - Gcompris (ages 2 -10)

Posted on January 6, 2011 at 10:22 AM


GCompris is an educational software package download that has games for ages 2-10. They teach math, geography, science, reading and  we're still playing with it but I think Chess too :o) The people who produce this are Linux activists so they have the full featured version available free for Linux users. The Windows version is stripped down some but it is still nice. It shows 83 of the 114 activities are free to Window users. Again, if you're a Linux user, you get all the features. I am not a Linux user and we like the download. Note: I just started downloading and did not fill anything out  like  personal info when it popped up on the screen and it downloaded fine.


Click here to go and download your free package.

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