Homeschooling Highschool - "Did you say 5 or 15 years old?"

Posted on September 8, 2010 at 11:38 AM

I chuckle when I think back to the time that Kelley and I sat in on our first workshop about homeschooling highschool at a convention. The room was buzzing with lots of families and teens.

The speaker, though young, was proof positive that homeschooling highschool was possible since he was a recent graduate. Naturally, we plopped right down on the front row to just inhale all his wonderful advice perhaps thinking some of his "expertise" would be carried our way like an aroma.

As we eagerly took so many notes our hands started hurting, he got to the end of his presentation and said "All those with 15 yos come sit right up here on the front row so I can help you now" Kelley and I looked at each other and said "Did he say 5 yos or 15 yos?"

See our 7, 5, 3 old and newborn children were at home,. So we stood up acted like we were stretching and sleeked out of there laughing so hard we cried. We weren't going to wait around for him to ask us how old our kids were.

Though we started off with laughter and embarrassment, it was at that moment we realized how heavy of a weight highschool is upon our shoulders as parents.

I never forget this in helping new or struggling parents. Sometimes it is the parents who have children that are just barely learning to read that are worried now about high school.

There are a few pointers that will make this road easier to travel whether you have a highschooler now or you will have one MUCH later like

  • Remember, even though I forgot, that you will NOT have a 7 yo or 8 yo. You will have a teen who has blossomed into a young adult complete with his own thoughts, ideas and perhaps goals by now. Your young teen will have definite ideas of which direction he may want to head.
  • It's nice to have that partnership, so you won't be going this alone.
  • Even if he does not fully know what he wants to do, my oldest doesn't, you can still keep all options open by working on the basics of high school.
  • Highschool, I promise, is JUST another grade. Yes, you have to know more "educationalese" but high school I feel is far more logical to teach than most grades as there are definitions for credits, weighted credits, Advanced Placement, CLEP and dual credit. You can be more decisive than in other grades because you have a direction you want to pursue.
  • Don't get to the most important years of your child's life and then turn the reins over to somebody else. Fear sometimes grips us thinking our "mommy degree" is not good enough. Read about Lee Binz who used her "mommy degree"� to get her sons into colleges and win scholarships and talks about the difference between "accredited and official" transcripts.Click here to go there.
  • Finally, relax, unless your child is a senior right now, at the most you have a few years to become a pro.

Don't forget too, our March workshop is about highschool and you can join us just for that one workshop if you like to.

So if� you're caught in a homeschool workshop for highschoolers and your child is only 5 years old, tell them you are getting an early start on graduation!


�Tina Robertson - New Beginnings

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