Deschool - "Get off the public school treadmill"

Posted on September 1, 2010 at 8:57 AM



I talked about this a lot this summer as Kelley and I traveled to each workshop that we did in Texas. However, I never used the actual term, deschool, as a lot of new homeschoolers or those that are thinking about homeschooling don't really understand it.


To begin our workshops, I would encourage newbies and those struggling to "Get off the public school treadmill" That really is how I felt even though I took my son out very early in public school. I felt like you do when you are on a treadmill, running and burning energy but not really traveling anywhere.


So deschooling is getting off that public school treadmill and transitioning to a new life. For some homeschoolers it may include some rest time. For others it may be defining what their family educational goals are. Each family will have different goals during their deschooling period.


Have you ever done a toxin cleanse? That is how some homeschoolers define this time period. This time period allows you to re-train your mind and body and to make drastic life changes. You want to make changes that will be permanent and to start fresh and motivated. You let go of preconceived ideas and notions of what education is suppose to look like.


It is a time to adopt your definition of education, to discover that you may want to be more self -educated than to be handed curricula, to join home school support groups, to meet and incorporate new homeschooling friends into your lives and the ability and power to say No to labels. Furthermore, it could include saying NO to standards by the state.


Why spend so much time trying to figure out where he is SUPPOSE to be and what other children his age are doing? Spend your time and energy focusing on where he is NOW and move forward! Forget what everybody else is doing.


Deschooling is knowing that we have homeschool freedom but it's also utilizing that freedom to suit our family.


Some think deschooling means doing nothing. It might for some. For most of us though, it means transitioning to a new lifestyle. When we transition to a different lifestyle whether that significant change was having a baby or switching careers, our schedules changed. We allowed ourselves time to adjust to a new schedule and we let go of ideas and goals that at the time seem realistic. We now see that some of our ideas may have been idealistic. On the other hand though we may find tools we never knew existed and have adopted new philosophies.


Take time to deschool and get off the public school treadmill.


Have you "let go'? How is your deschooling coming? What activities and goals are you including this year to deschool?


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