"I'm homeschooling because I want them socialized"

Posted on August 15, 2010 at 3:46 PM


That was the only answer I could think of to tell people that could nip in the bud any further questioning of the new lifestyle my husband and I embraced.


I got so tired of answering the same type of question, "uhmm, are they going to be with other children their same age? " Soon after that question would follow the S-word (socialization).


It was a "classic moment" to see the expression on their face change as they are not sure what to say next.:P


When you start to homeschool, it is a genuine concern of a lot of new homeschoolers. It is okay to fear that your children will not learn social graces. As seasoned homeschoolers, we are so quick to jump to defending that issue we don't realize that it is a valid concern of a lot of new homeschoolers.


My answer really was the truth. I am and do homeschool because I want my sons socialized. After researching and feeling better about it, my husband and I realized that SOMEBODY is going to influence our children. Why shouldn't it be people who care for and love them?


What is wrong with inflicting our will and our view on our children? My mother who homeschooled my youngest sister in the 80's says to this day, "anybody can be a product of cultural warping".


WOW, what a true statement, I thought.


 Too, it is kind of an oxymoron to me. Part of the definition of socialization includes "giving the individual skills and habits to participate in society". Who is going to teach that to my sons, another 6 year old?


As a parent, I want my sons independent, self-learners and not dependent on peer pressure for acceptance.


Soon you learn too that with all the activities available to homeschoolers now, we get more socialization with a variety of other people, children and adults alike, than we ever would have had we been in public school. Why? Because we ARE in the "real world" everyday mingling around in it and living life.


When you are asked, why are you homeschooling, what is your answer?



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