"Patience - I am NOT patient! What now?"

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 8:53 AM


Ever heard the quote, by an unknown source, that states "Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience." They must have been a


I think a lot of veterans will tend to agree that we don't really view ourselves as patient folks. I know I don't think of myself as a patient person. As homeschoolers we get told that a lot, "I could never have the patience to homeschool ".


However,if we allow ourselves some credit, we would have to agree that a lot of us have learned patience . It has to be developed and nurtured. Patience is just as much a skill in teaching as any other skill.


It takes patience to restrain ourselves or delay giving our children the answers.

More than anything, patience has to be modeled by YOU, the teacher, the educator.


If you either have had a preschooler or teenager one day that is misbehaving or acting up (I promise you some days you can't tell the they are watching your every movement, body language and tone of speech to see your being impatient and venting to anger. It is then that patience is learned by the teacher.


Children, even teens, are extremely sensitive to harsh criticism. Teens are dealing with hormones and physical changes and this can add to the chaos of the house hold. If we are constantly short on patience, then how can our children respect us as teachers? It won't happen.


It is important to be firm, not give in and correct their behavior when you see negative attitudes or rebellion from your children.


From the time our children are babies they mimick us and it really doesn't stop when they are teenagers.


Try to remember, if we exhibit patience and kindness in our teaching, then our children will have something to learn and worthy of imitation.


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