5 Days of Tina's 7 Step DIY Curriculum Planner: Day 4 Editable Progress/Report Card for Teen

Posted on May 17, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Ugggg............. I knew there was something I forgot to tell you because it got lost in the nightmare story about Mr. Senior 2013 learning how to drive. Okay well maybe I didn't really forget to tell you. I am afraid I will turn into a sobbing wimp like I have been lately because of Mr. Senior 2013. I thought as together loud talking as I am that I could handle sharing with you some glimpses of my heart-to-heart talks with Mr. Senior 2013.  I had planned to share all my graduation ideas with you by now too. But, I cave, I am totally a sobbing wimp. I have embraced the full meaning of homeschooling with heart. You just can't homeschool and teach your son from his first tiny baby step, to his first hold of a pencil, to his first feel of a car steering wheel and come away unscathed.

I need to look at all of this project graduation objectively instead of how I feel now. Too, you know how up/down this past year was with the hubby.  So I savor every precious moment of life and I get spikes and shots of overflowing feelings when I get ready to write.  So stay tuned as I know I will eventually share but I keep myself reigned in about project graduation lest I sound like I have totally lost it and possible unsound words make their indelible marks on the world wide web. Enough of that. So what does this have to do with what I am sharing today?

Well I did want to share this picture with though it's a tad bit out of focus. Tiny was on the other end but I do kid friendly pictures.  Mr. Senior 2013 has gotten on a roll of getting real short hair cuts lately.  I don't like his hair because he looks like he is ready for boot camp. Whatever. But, this was the day Mr. Senior 2013 finally got his driver's license.  What a patient kid when all of that stuff hit us while I was in the middle of teaching him to drive.

After that jubilant day, the fun day came for insurance. The insurance company gives a discount for good grades in school and needed a current progress report. Oh yippee, I needed another form and figured you would need one like this too sometime or the other.

Since I need something a little more official looking than the pretty progress report  (Option 16) I already have on the site which is basically used to satisfy reporting for those that live in countries/states like this, I put this report together. It really acts as our final report card too.  The sample above is what eventually will go on the site. I left what I could on it from when I used it last year and added a few notes to explain how it is set up. It is editable and I am in love with it. It worked just perfectly when I sent it to our insurance guy. The only parts not editable are the comments and the signature which are normally done hand written.

Download your copy here.

Now that I have confessed all about Mr. Senior 2013, if you have a senior this year give him or her a hug today. You he or she needs it. 

Still in the homeschooling trenches with you as I have two more sweet sons to go and I am on Senior 2013 Project Graduation countdown, hugs and love ya,

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