5 Days of Tina's 7 Step DIY Curriculum Planner: Day 2 Academic School Year Pretty Calendars

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM

The real reason I didn't want the academic school calendars on the front of the curriculum planner anymore is because now I can add lots more color and different designs since they are a separate page. Mix and match is so much more prettier and unique. Today, I have 3 academic school calendar pages. Too when these pages are not laminated but put close to the front of your planner like right behind the cover, it allows you to circle holidays you want to observe and important days to your family.

These are school calendars only not the school planning calendar pages. There is a big difference. The pages today are for reference and noting important dates. The pages coming tomorrow are for actual school planning.

Remember too my pages are made for year around homeschooling. My pages start with July and end with June. Even if you don't start school until August or September and end in May that is fine. This is the one you will use. Keeping the form from July to June allows greater flexibility if you decide to start later and end early or vice versa.  Here are 3 color choices for the Academic Year School Calendar.

Download Green Chevron Luv Here.

Download Lemon Luv Here.

Download Red/Orange Luv here.

Here {excuse the font on my website-I am updating and my site goes a bit bonkers as I clean it up} is the calendar page if you want to grab the two page spread appointment keeper and a black/white page of a 2014 or 2015 calendar to use for long range planning purposes. The 2 page spread appointment keeper is toward the front with all of my pages under a tab Calendar. This way, my planning, my calendar for the school year and appointments are all kept together. Any black and white pages for long range planning or calendars for reference I put toward the back of my planner. That is just my preference because I tend to plan for next year at the end of the present year. So that is my planning preference. You may want all those types of pages up close to the front of your planner. You decide.

Tomorrow, I updated the Year Around Planning School Calendars and have those coming! Isn't this fun? Hitting you with all the forms at one time instead of spreading it out all summer. Plus you never know when I get my wild hair day and have another form I need. It allows me all summer to simmer on it.

Hugs and love, simmering

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