Free Science Experiment Guide + 5 Days of Curriculum Planner Forms + Giveaway Ends Tonight

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 8:30 AM

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How was your weekend? Me? I spent all weekend drinking hot tea, eating soup and sleeping. I finally caught the coughing crud. Well, it won't keep me from letting you know that I am still trying to play catch up. Even though I normally don't take a spring break because I know the end of the school year means a lot of events finishing like our co-op and workshops, I still manage to have a lot to tell you.

First, I wanted to remind you that the giveaway from Glee Gum closes tonight. Be sure to scoot by and give my sponsor some love by commenting and entering to win one of the free diy candy kits. They are sweet and charming. Come to my blog, and comment. I know, I know, it can be a pain to comment but not all sponsors like Rafflecopter so I try to do it the old fashion way by having you comment here on the blog. I love old fashion anyway.

Also because I am being swamped from sweet emails from new bees for the new curriculum planner updates, I want to go ahead and release the new curriculum planner pages that I have been storing up for you.

Hold on to your skirts too because you know it's rare that I send a blog post each day, but starting tomorrow I will send one each day with the new updated forms. I want to go ahead and release them before the dear new bees have complete curriculum planning panic. {say that 3x} Getting them out early also allows me to focus on other forms and look at my list I keep of "want to do". This way your planner is done too before you go to a convention. I am not sure if I will go this year. I have received so many wonderful resources to review that I might need to have another super duper used curriculum sale. But I can't think of that right now. All I can think of is lemon and hot tea.

Well, when it comes to free, I am not too sick to pass on a great FREE resource to you. You remember I told you I was loving Supercharged Science now. Well look what they are letting me give you for free, a science experiment guide. You are free to pass this on too! It's a $25.00 value.

400 Science Experiment Guide ($25 value)

This experiment guide includes:

  • Over 30 complete experiments...
  • Defy gravity as you levitate water
  • Crush a soda can using a few drops of water
  • Make an indoor corkscrew roller coaster
  • Stick your kid inside a real bubble
  • Grow crystals overnight
  • Create and crack your own geodes
  • Build a flying machine that shouldn't be able to fly at all
  • ...and much more!

Your kids will be so jazzed about science that they'll be begging to learn more. Click here to get the Science Experiment Guide. This eBook download comes bundled with the Rocket Scientist Newsletter, which includes a weekly free science experiment in your email box.

400 Science Experiment Guide

Don't forget to scoot by and add your comment to the blog, grab your freebie and this is your heads up that I am sending you a blog post each day. Don't forget to read my post on How NOT to Read My Blog if you get overwhelmed with blog posts. I will notify the winners of the giveaway Tuesday morning. Okay, that's it, the soft comfy couch is calling along with my hot tea. .

Hugs and love ya,

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