Posted on April 10, 2013 at 4:15 PM

I don't know why I am so hard on myself when I make printables, but I am. I think it's because I can be obsessed particular about everything. The shape, the spacing, the color, the font choice are just a few things I scrutinize. I think that is why it takes me so long in my mind to stamp "final" on a printable.

I thought I would show you this draft part way through my drafting process. I have been playing with this for two weeks. I started off making them square shaped and I didn't like that. Then,  I started off with this chevron gray behind it and to me it just doesn't pop like the bright white and circle shape. Then I go through every possible letter combination to make the captions needed for the pantry for every font I like. Yes I do because I don't like even one letter to look wonky.

I think I have settled on this stylish but easy to read font for our pantry labels. So far no wonky looking letter combinations. Too, I just love the way a circle looks on labels and always have. I still need to work on the circle some more because it has to be even spaced or I will only notice that when I look at the labels. I know, it's a disease I have when looking at those details.

I am getting impatient and want to finalize it so I can send it to you too and also because my baskets came in from Hobby Lobby. Happy girl dance.  I can't wait to show you how the project turned out as I finally decide on the labels. I haven't forgotten about the next printable for the Home Management Binder either but I wanted to share a few projects with you as I do.

When I can't decide exactly what I want on the label or for any printable, I normally need to step back from it a day or two so I get recharged. Maybe too I was thinking about something else this week.

It's my anniversary this week and my husband has always been real romantic.  My hubby only glances at my blog once in a while which is good for me so I can get away with saying a few things about him.  I am not sure where he got it from but he has always had romantic over the top ideas.

One day when I am not shy about it, I will have to tell you how he proposed. Shy + Me, are not normally used in the same sentence but it was such an over the top proposal I sometimes feel awkward in talking about it. I know I shouldn't but some men have a hard time coming up with romantic ideas but this man has better ideas than I do.  I will share one tiny tidbit about the proposal because it is as fresh in my mind today as it was that first day years back. My beautiful engagement ring was frozen in an ice cube. And, the ice cube was placed in my champagne glass as we were talking and he got ready to propose. Thinking about that I always shudder because if I had told him I didn't drink champagne, it is just like me to pitch out the glass, ice cube and all. No more rocks. {corny but I couldn't resist}

I am going to make one of his favorite dinners tonight, Cajun shrimp pasta. He has had many long hours working a new job and with Mr. Senior 2013 graduating and hubby's long meetings, we have a full schedule right now. The wonderful thing about a guy you are still in love with today and more is that ANYTIME you have together is celebrated. When we get the first weekend free, we will sneak away.

I will enjoy our anniversary dinner tonight but I wanted to tell you about one more celebration coming up next week.

Though I am honored to have sponsors and their giveaways because I love sharing their freebies with you, I heart you more as a reader and friend. Kelley and I both want to show our appreciation for you and too we like to give you freebies. Its time for a Springabration. Spring is time for changes either in our house or curriculum. Next week, we will be hosting a Springabration and give away. We will choose two winners of a $50.00 gift certificate. One gift certificate will be to Target and one to CurrClick. Don't worry, you know we are easy peasy girls and our giveaways are too. Just have fun at them!

Off to cook a great supper for the Mr. tonight, celebrate our moments together and ponder some over those pantry labels, but not too much.

Hugs and love ya,

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