Ancient Civilizations Unit - 20 Free History Based Coloring Pages

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 9:30 AM

I got carried away with myself this morning blogging. I just had so much to tell you. I think it's the caffeine. Don't forget to click on the Supercharged Science Review after this one. I want to be sure you get the free sample of the program. I know it was a long review but I had so much to point out about all of the features.

Switching gears here on you because working on our Ancient Civilizations Unit reminded me of my next series that I want to now begin. Before pinterest, I bookmarked and kept certain things that I wanted to create, share with you and add to the units that are already on Dynamic 2 Moms. Today, I am starting Unit Study Updo. This series will be about adding a new project, activity or printable to units already on Dynamic 2 Moms.

Returning to these units to review with the younger kids or just using one or two to flesh out another unit keeps them fresh in our mind. Instead of waiting to share new printables when I am on that topic again, I will share as I go along. I can't just give the Home Management Binder the only updo. I want to keep adding to the units on the Dynamic 2 Moms too. I think in my planning mind I was thinking about waiting in between units I was working on currently before I shared an updo.  No need to do that when I find something I want to share.

Today, I have 20 history based coloring pages that match up to my units on Dynamic 2 Moms.  Because these coloring pages can be used so many ways, I want to be sure you get this first round that I have been hoarding keeping.

Sometimes the boys want to create their own covers for the lapbooks or notebooks from coloring pages. Too, I know with younger children, it can be hard to find history coloring pages based on everyday life. Also I don't really like clip art that is too babyish or goofy looking even for young kids. So I want to share when I have them.  I think clip art should be somewhat real and based on real events in history. They are not always easy to find. I wish I could draw and then I would draw my own history clip art, but you don't want me to do that. Just saying.

Anyway, I collect the clip art as I find it.

Also, instead of me adding titles on pages or naming the pages, this allows you to use the clip art/coloring pages any way you want to. Whether it is a cover page, notebooking page or just to enrich a topic, you have the flexibility.

Here is what my 20 page download contains and what units they go with if you are wanting to plan. I put a few key words to explain each picture if you want to make one a title page. Eventually this will all go on the correct unit study page on Dynamic 2 Moms, but I can do that later. You can always find my latest printables here first.

Pages 1 and 2.  Life with the Plains Indians - Plains Indians Unit.

Pages 3, 4, and 5. Lewis and Clark Exploring, Page 3 is about Fighting with the Piegan Native American - Lewis & Clark Unit.

Pages 6 - 9. Frontiersman, Settlers, Mountain men and Moving West. Westward Hooooo Unit.

Page 10. Pirate Life - Pirate Unit.

Pages 11 - 13. Life in Ancient Egypt, Life Along the Nile River, Metal Workers, Hieroglyphic Workers, Ancient Egypt War - Ancient Civilizations Unit

Pages 14 - 16. Ancient Greece. Women Spinning Yarn, Greece Bankers and Athens - Ancient Greece

Pages 17 - 20.  Mesoamerica. Fishing, Writing Glyphs, Ancient Temple and Floating Gardens - Mesoamerica

Download ALL 20 pages in one download below.

Download the history based 20 coloring pages here on various history units on Dynamic 2 Moms site.

And oh yes, I will continue to add my color covers and they are just about ready for our Ancient Civilizations Unit. They are coming up next!

I think I like sharing with you one minibook or download at a time because it gives me more time to explain my thinking on each miniboook too. What do you think?

If you are new to following me, grab the Ancient Civilizations Unit  minibooks below that I already shared. I want to catch you up.

Hugs and you know I love ya today,

Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Egypt Minibook

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