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I started slowly changing over my Home Management Binder from the dark brown binder to a white binder. There is something about throwing away papers that makes me get a little over energetic. I am taking my time and not getting the headrush I got last year. Are you doing one with me, even a small one to help you organize a little better?

This year I am finding that I need to add a few more forms. One form will go in a new section called  Calendar.  Maybe it is just my need to be aware of time and order that I like to glance at one or have one close by. Whatever the case, I have some printables coming for that section. The first printable I will explain at the bottom.

One other fixation I want to share with you that I realized too is that I like to keep all of my pretties or office supplies close by.  I used them more than I realized during the past year. So I have added a clear zipper pouch for storing that little stuff that is so necessary to organizing papers. Ask any organizing guru about office supplies and they will tell you that brand matters or at least the type matters. Details matter to me and I do fuss over them when it comes to office supplies that I heart. Maybe it's just a matter of preference but I feel that it is like anything else that we expect our kids to do a good job at. If they don't have the proper tools and supplies we can't expect an outcome to be any different.

Besides the fact that new office supplies make me giddy, tools matter. I think too they give us inspiration. Like an artist that needs high quality tools to create, a budding organizer needs high quality tools to bring harmony to her home. I know that is probably a bit dramatic but I take creating harmony seriously. Here are some sweet things going in my binder that I heart. They are small but hardworking and it doesn't cost that much more to have pretty too.


Clear zipper pouches I tend to prefer at my home. Now when I go to workshops or to speak at homeschool conventions I do not use clear zipper pouches. Do people really care that I have dental floss, mints and gum and you know I won't go there with whatever other personal things I carry? Of course no binder is worth their weight unless they have fashion binder clips.

Office Depot carries the ones above. I am a firm believer that a little animal print helps you organize too.

Semikolon carries a lot of organizing tools but I really like their sticky tab markers that I use for studying. I use more post it notes it seems for our school. For our office paper I tend to use Semikolon even though they cost a little more. They do last longer.

I shared last year with you my love for Martha Stewart Craft Pens. The pens are such beautiful soft colors and last a while. I like using them to fill out the new updated pages on the binders. Folks that do crafts don't like them for crafting purposes, but because I use mine for writing and printing instead, I like the softer muted colors.  The highlighters by Moleskine are my newest sweeties.  Anything by Moleskine I can easily become obsessed with. The highlighters are fluorescent wood pencils. So they don't bleed through pages. They come with a lid to fit on Moleskine notebooks but I tend to use my highlighters for my teacher's editions, for studying and for basically everything. So I try to keep one close by if I don't put it in the zipper pouch.

For soft plastic large paper clips that I use for business and personal papers I prefer ones by Fermagli Ideale and yes they are made in Milan. One large box can last me for a while since I am the only one that uses them.

Also for grouping papers together either in my office or in my binder, I like X-treme File bands. Right tools matter when you need to organize and even though they tend to cost a little more I get full use out of them and I keep them longer because the kids are not using them.

Now, my much needed zipper pouch is almost ready to be used. I am ready to start adding my next section and updating the information from last year.  This first printable I have for our HMB {Home Management Binder} is an annual date and events page. Don't you find that the dates you need to remember for special occasions seems to grow longer each year? Maybe not every year but sometimes it needs to be updated. Whether I need to buy gifts, plan for a party or just send a card, I like seeing the annual dates at a glance.

When creating this form, I fussed a little bit more over this form than usual. I have shared dramatic stories of my blogger printables and curriculum planner about how I use them for several months before I release them, right? I do this because I do use my forms and I know if they don't work for me then they may not work for you. My original form didn't have a line between the date and the event. It bothered me because it all seemed to run together. I like this one MUCH better because I have a place to write the day and then a slight separation before I write the event. The little things on forms means a lot to me.

Also because you may be new to following my blog, I want to point out a feature that most all of my HMB printables have and that is a place for the date up at the top left corner.

The reason for the date is to help you remember when the last time was that you updated your form. I don't have "YEAR" on this because you may keep it for more than one year. When it's time to update, just print it again. Basically, there is no need to update ALL the time or annually.

Update the forms as you need them. This saves a lot of time for me when I am transferring over all my papers now to my white binder. For example, my budget form for my binder didn't change much since last year, but some dates like an anniversary that I want to remember for some special friends has now been added.

The second tip is that I put my pages in page protectors. It keeps them clean throughout  the year as I use it and it takes less space, I find anyway, than printing on cardstock. Printing on regular paper and using page protectors that we use for school and that I have around the house anyway works for me in my HMB too. Here is the next form for our HMB. Download the printable below.

Download HMB Annual Dates & Events page here.

I love this quote today. It reminds me of how I still love to write things down and still love my lists..

"If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal -- you have a wish."

~Steve Maraboli~

Hugs and you know I love ya,


In case you are new or missed it, below are the latest two HMB covers. I only have one cover showing on the Home Management Binder website page but I don't fuss that much over updating the page. I update as I have time because I prefer you get my printables first anyway.

Too, I can't help myself but I have to have lots of color in all my covers and forms. I don't try to "match" my HMB, I just like to blend everything I like.

Download Cover 2 Here.                               Download Front and back of Cover 3 here.

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