Hankering over My Home Management Binder

Posted on March 2, 2013 at 2:40 PM

I have lots of sweet things to tell you about today.

First, I want to welcome our newest sponsor to my blog, Glee Gum.  A sweet sponsor! Anytime Kelley and I get to try something sweet and natural we are up for it.

So they have several sweet things on their site. Naturally Delicious GumGlee Gum is all natural chewing gum made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle. It comes in 8 great flavors: cinnamon, peppermint, tangerine, bubblegum, spearmint, triple berry, sugar-free lemon-lime and sugar-free refresh-mint. Glee Gum is the #1 healthy alternative to synthetic chewing gum and bubble gum! No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners (no aspartame). Chew with Glee, naturally!

But they have more than just gum. They also have kits to make your own candy and they also have FREE lesson plans and ideas. Click here and click on the wheel of education when you go to that page to grab some great lesson plans and history about gum and making candy. This would work in nicely with our rainforest unit study too. The gummies which we Tiny is going to make/eat would fit nicely with any type of unit study like gardening for spring or even a topic for the ocean. We are thrilled to have Glee Gum on board and be sure to check out their sweet products!

While we are on the subject of sweet spring, I have to tell you I have a hankering to update my Home Management Binder. I started some last year before I took my blogging break but I really needed the break to schedule out the best time to work on it. You know last year, we did over 35 new forms for our Home Management Binder if you followed me. I was determined to get it done. What I realized is that as much as I love working on my Home Management Binder I would have to update it slowly thereafter because---guess what? I homeschool and love it and it has to stay priority.

Isn't that what organizing is about? Making priorities and sticking to them. So I finally worked out a time slot to work on updating the Home Management Binder and it will be spring. Just like my Curriculum Planner that I mainly focus on in the summer, my Home Management Binder is my spring project. It just makes sense too, doesn't it? I think it's a natural progression to work on the Home Management Binder when we feel the end of our school year around the corner.

But I had an idea too this year about the Home Management Binder. So you know I blog for me and for YOU. I don't really care about the rest of the blogosphere. Folks come and go but you are here as I slowly go through all of my homeschooling adventures on my blog. I cover so many different topics and fold in organization topics too that I heart as I get time in between homeschooling. So I want to make forms that are sweet or unique for you. Ones that you need and heart and ones that I need and heart too.

My question is: do you have a form/s that you need specifically for your Home Management Binder? I have forms coming that we need to add but I wanted to give you the chance to tell me something that you have been waiting on. Don't fixate on the fact you may not come up with ones you need because I have plenty of things that swirl around in my head that can be added to keep us more organized. I just wanted to make forms that are special for us.

If you do have a form you would like to see, drop a note on the blog {instead of email}. That way our ongoing list stays here with the post.  It is a quicker reference for me than hunting through my inbox though I ALWAYS love your emails.

Too while I am on the subject of plans for this month, I wanted to let you know about our next unit study. I will be updating the Ancient Civilizations page by adding some more printables. We have our year end co-op coming up in April with our local group. So this month, the boys and I will be working on our unit studies by focusing on Ancient Civilizations.

That is what is on my homeschool calendar for this month if you want to do that topic with us.

That is all the sweet stuff I was thinking about today. Again, because I blog for YOU and for me, share an idea or two you are thinking about for our Home Management Binder. I can't promise and say I will get them all done because we both know we have to teach first but I will sure try.

Hankering and pining over my Home Management Binder and having spring fever over here,


Hugs and love ya,

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