Winners of Giveaway: How To Teach About Electricity For Ages 8 -13

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Congratulations! Our 2 winners are..

Kayla 10:26 PM on January 27, 2013  I am the STEM program coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club in WI. This giveaway would be a tremendous resource for elementary programming. Thank you! 

Celia 10:17 AM on January 27, 2013  I follow you by email. I am teaching hands on science to 1-3 graders at our co-op this year. Hands on electricity might be a good component to next years hands on science. I wonder what else I could add for 12 weeks of lessons? Time to start researching!

Congratulations and I will be in touch with you!

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