Homeschool: Unit Study Planner + Bonus Links {good for 1 day only to 10:00 p.m.CST}

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Was your computer {or other techie device} doing the happy downloading dance Thursday and Friday? I hoped by giving you plenty of heads up that you were able to snag my newest planner, the Unit Study Planner.

Come what may with techie devices, I have said it before that I love my paper planners. Unlike other paper clutter, my paper planner is a hardworking tool.

This newest planner, like my free 7 Step Customized Curriculum Planner, came out of a necessity. I wanted both detailed and pretty forms in one planner. I think what tickles me the most is that I feel now that I have the best of both planning worlds. Daily planning pages from my free 7 Step planner and weekly planning pages from my unit study planner can be combined into ONE planner. Have you thought about that?

Right now, the way I am using my Unit Study Planner is to combine some of the sections from my other free printables on my site.

However, if you are new to unit studies or prefer more laid out curriculum use the daily lesson pages from the 7 Step planner, then just include a *tabbed section* in your curriculum planner for a unit study or two to get your feet wet. Then, panic won't set in because you switched to a whole new planner approach.

On the other hand, if you are trying to incorporate more unit studies or are doing them a majority of the time, have a small section in your unit study planner for the daily pages from the 7 Step planner. If you want to take a break from unit studies like I do, then just flip to that section in your planner and start daily tracking by each child. Easy peazzzy. I'm in love, I'm in love.

I hope all of this is making sense. I know there are a lot of new followers here {there goes that cold sounding word again that I don't like} but this is where I share the musings of my planner and not so much on the product page or even website.

Avoid taken the "all or nothing approach" even on planners, relieves stress. Do not think you have to use it exactly like it is laid out. Remember that is one reason you weren't given ONE giant download link. Each download is separate so that you can add in any sections you like or leave out any sections.

Basically, from two planners (and oodles more free forms on our site) make *one* that suits you.

The free download links below that I did not make available on our site but are sharing only with you will help you to customize your planner even more. You will be able to label exactly which sections you want in your planner or planners, if you choose to have two.

Just one thing before I give you the links; the bonus links are only available until 10 p.m. CST. I hope you grab them now and not miss them because we won't be able to make them free again or at least for a while. (There are 3 links altogether.)

Link 1: Bonus - Two More Cover Choices. Now you will be able to change out covers too as you use the undated Unit Study Planner.

Bonus - Top Tabs. Tabs filled in with sections (Link 2) and Editable Top Tabs (Link 3). If you choose to make your own tabs, I have included instructions on how they work in both the Master Printing Instructions and on the tab pages too.

Does this mean I have to start thinking of new titles for the cover page if we combine these planners? Unicurr or Currunit. Okay...okay... corny I know but my mind goes there.

What else? I have 2 posts this week, this one and one more on my newest series.

One of my goals for this new year is to incorporate more of my experience, not only helping new homeschoolers but any educator whether you are struggling, needing the how to's on certain topics or just need encouragement to rekindle your love of homeschooling.

I will be adding a series, "5 Days of....." and blogging about different topics throughout this year. It's not my style to hit you with my series one day after the next or right in a row because I like to change things up and too I like to have several things going on at once. Change is refreshing for me and on a blog too.

My first series is *5 Days of.... A Fresh Start - Homeschooling Mid Year & Thriving*. Because I do plan and have several new faces here, I like to give a glimpse of what it coming up so I don't overwhelm you.

Next week, the week of January 21, I will finally be releasing the first of my FBI lapbooks. Did I say first lapbook?

I mentioned it before that I had to plead with the boys to move on from this topic because we could stay on it literally another couple of months with all the subtopics we came up with. Yes, it unfolded into two lapbooks or at least enough minbooks to fit two lapbooks. The second set of minibooks is geared more toward the junior high to high school years and the lapbook above is more middle school age, I guess. I just don't like putting ages on material because if you have never studied a topic, does it matter the age. My lapbooks are also enhancements to our unit study so I like to keep the emphasis on enjoying and keeping them easier instead of tons of blank pages.

Then, just so you can plan if you want to do this with me, the next unit study covering our February winter topic is about the Arctic Circle and the Inuit. It is geared toward the younger guys since my oldest two teens ruled these last couple of months.  Lots of links and fun things coming up for this unit that will be covered during February. I will wait to share with you what is planned for spring. 

Another reminder; if you have not grabbed my blog planner for 2013 or if you don't blog, use it as a general planner, you can get it now. It is now up on the website.

Last, but certainly not least in how I feel, THANK YOU to all of you that posted over at A Bowl Full of Lemons for my guest post. I felt the love and it was important to me that we show our support for homeschooling.

I think that is it for today. It has been a crazy busy start to a new year for me. I had much going on with the release of the new planner. But I am beyond excited as I now have a place to keep all my brain storming ideas as they hit me while I lesson plan and to get started on some of these upcoming unit studies and new series.

Enjoy the bonus downloads and remember to download the links now before it expires. Have you started printing the new planner yet?

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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