Homeschool: 5 {Look Alive} Winter Schooling Freebies

Posted on October 30, 2012 at 3:10 PM

First, I want to send out my love and prayers to you if you are on the eastern U.S. seaboard with Super Storm Sandy and are affected by this massive storm. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, I can sympathize with power outages and home damage. Words can't even begin to describe events like that when it happens to you but nothing is more important than coming safely alive out of a storm like that with all your loved ones. I hope you are taking care of yourself if you were in the path of this massive rain and snow.

Winter is around the corner and I like to be prepared. I wanted to share some winter love with you so that you can try to avoid the winter blahs. Fall and winter have to be my two favorite seasons. I especially like it when I don't have to turn on the air conditioner in my house to enjoy the fireplace. It's the little things that give me the extra shove I need when the days are shorter and the sleeping weather is calling.

I always say don't fight it. Take it a little slower during winter. It is a natural process for the earth to rejuvenate itself, why shouldn't we? Winter also seems the time we like to do more science in my home. Science is a got-to-feel-right-and-have-the-right-weather subject for us.

Between the weather and now this super storm that hit, my kids have been pondering the damage to sea life and birds too. So I wanted to share 5 freebies or printables that help you keep schooling alive during the winter. A few focus on some of those areas hits by the storm too. These are some freebies I like to use for easy science.

Alaskabird.Org has quite a few nice freebies on the page to download but I like the free Creamer’s Field Student Activity Book about birds. Be sure to grab them all.


The pages even have a number code so your child knows what color to color the birds. Just print off the guide, do with your children and enjoy.

This next free 23 page download is intended to be used in a nature reserve but it has so many excellent pages. From habitats, to bird beak matching to dormouse and bird identification sheets. It is really just a nice download with so much to enjoy.  Print off and do together or hand it to your child if they are working more independently. Here are a few of the pages. Click here to download.

Another favorite of mine is the New England Aquarium site. Winter would not be complete without talking about penguins. I have used the Penguin Teacher Guide and love it. Why create any extra printables when they are all there for free AND nice? It includes information on the various penguin species, penguin anatomy, behavior, habitats and conservation.Click here to go the site and look for the download Penguin Teacher Guide.

The next free thing comes from that same site. Such a great site especially for those two gems. I think it is especially timely because understanding about the New England Sea Coast helps my kids to ponder about the sea life that has been affected by Super Storm Sandy. It has information about the rocky and sandy shores, tidal mudflats, salt marshes — and the creatures such as harbor porpoises and seals, fish and waterfowl, mussels and kelp that inhabit them — that are accessible from Boston Harbor, or any New England coastal area. Click here to go the site and look for Boston Harbor Seaside Educator's Guide.

Also Super Storm Sandy first hit Florida so I wanted to share this site about the sea life and plants in Florida. Click here to go the site for the Florida Sea Grant program. I really like the food web cards and the download about plant life.

We haven't done the edible estuary that is for grades K to Gray..{love} but that is one we are eyeballing when we have to stay indoors.

6, 7, 8,...okay, okay..So maybe just another one or two to keep it alive in winter. I want to be sure you don't get any winter blahs.Here is my free winter lapbook if you haven't done it yet.

Then here is a sweet printable for the younger kids too in case they want to get a little crafty. The template for a weather station is in color and it is a free download.


Click here to go to Mr. Printables to download the freebies and make your own weather station.

I know the coldest winter months are still ahead for a lot of places, but it is about being prepared with some activities to do to have a switch in your day and keep it alive. 

Also, I have been doing some organizing *in the background* and here and there. I have been reorganizing our Pinterest Page. No, you don't have to have a facebook account to have a Pinterest account. You can register using an email account. I really like the ability to organize and categorize everything as I go along. I made a new picture to be sure you are following all because I do constantly refine our boards.

Like you, I have also been watching all the coverage about the storm but hope that you did not have anybody affected by it. My sister works insurance claims and has left again to help those in need. Though I am glad she has a job, I always shiver to think she has to stay away long because it means more damage to everybody.

I have to share this quote with you. I never get tired of inspirational quotes, sayings and even poetry. But like I said before you don't want me to sing or rhyme for For me, these sayings are like a tiny energetic pill that throws a powerful punch for me each day when I think about them. I had to share this quote with you as I get in a winter mood.

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

  ~Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass~

Hugs, you know I love ya

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