Fall Unit Wrap Up {John Chapman, Newton, Apple Pie}+ {3 Sets of Printables}

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 9:35 AM

I dare to blog and run a business with hubby. Crazy I know to think I would dare. One thing about running your own business is that some people think you can set your own hours. Okay, maybe some of the time, but not all the time. It pretty well consumed me this week. Hubby here, not here, here, not here..okay okay

So all my predictable schedule goes out the window at times like that. You know, I think that is why I love the guy. My predictable schedule might be well boring just predictable. I told the girls in my workshop this month that living with my husband is like living with a wild man. When we first got married, he would come home and tell me that we were going on vacation the next day. Of course, not a few hours away but out of state or out of country. What? People don't do that all the time. I thought people planned for months and months.

Of course, I didn't have time to label my outfits for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and put each outfit in a clear bag complete with shoes, matching jewelry and handbag. Wild I am telling you to buy clothes unplanned and on the road trip. The longer I am married to the guy the more I like these *unplanned* stops and clothes buying trips vacations and different schedule.

Another benefit as I was in and out of the office this week was I got to put some final touches on my fall units. I never feel like I am finished when I create printables as I always have ideas that are simmering blazing in my head. I had some free vintage clip art from this old book A is for Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway.

All the letters of the alphabet, except I, are in color and just precious. It is a rhyme about apple pie. On a side note it was interesting to read from this site, Surf Net Kids that the original "A Apple Pie" rhyme is very old and reference is made to it as early as 1671. In those years, the letters I and J were not differentiated. The letter J as we know it, was simply the curved initial form of the letter I used before a vowel.

So guess what? I just had to make a set of printables for your PreK sweeties using all of that precious clip art. It has been a while since I created anything for the little sweeties. I made a rhyme for the letter *Ii* too. This download is a 26 page download. One page per letter.

Download the 26 pages here.

Then as I sat in my office doing work and taking breaks, I contemplated the last printables we needed to finished up our unit study on apples. We did some more reading on John Chapman or Johnny Appleseed. I still had the sizzles for more printables, so I made these next.

Download John Chapman Notebooking Page 1 here.

Download John Chapman Notebooking Page 2 here.

Download 2 Apple Life Cycle pages here.

There are 4 pages in all. Two of the pages are notebooking pages and two sheets are on the apple life cycle. Two of the pages are intended for a little older child to write about John Chapman. The apple life cycle pages are the same except for one thing. One page has the words if you have a child that doesn't want to write and the other one provides a place for them to write in each word for each step. Then color.

Oh and as if that wasn't enough, I was determined to finish up two more pages that I had on my list to create for my older guys about Sir Isaac Newton. Really, you could use these pages for any ages.

Download page about Sir Isaac Newton Childhood, Education and Achievements here.

Download page about Newton's Laws here.

I like these pages because with all the writing that my high school guys do, it is nice to have something that doesn't have to be so comprehensive to fill out all the time. I figured if they want to write an essay, whip out the laptop and do one and we do. Otherwise, writing in a few facts to highlight the achievements of Sir Isaac Newton is good enough to go with our unit study on apples.

Looking back on my week, I didn't get to blog as much I had planned but I think I still got a lot done because the fall printables for the most part are done.

I had planned to do the Home Management Binder too this month, but it can wait. I still have printables for it. Too, now that I blog, I don't have to make you wait until I put the curriculum planner printables on my site. I can create and share with you as I update and revise.

Sometimes I think I need to change the name of my blog to "As she gets a wild hair......"

I hope you can use these printables in your school.

We also started our unit on the FBI. It is turning out bigger than I originally planned as my sons are really into this time period right now.

I am not sure if this unit will be done before I break from my blog for the winter break but I am going to try to share it with you. It really depends on how long the kids want to stay on it. They found a couple of books they liked. One of the books I was kind of surprised to find because it is a graphic biography. I like graphic novels but to find one that is nonfiction is kind of insane. But we did. Who said to give up pictures when you read?


The other book The Life of J. Edgar Hoover Secrecy and Power is way more comprehensive but the graphic novel has a rapid fire of points style that we like too. I think the graphic novel probably couldn't stand "alone" if it was the only resource we used.

I am hoping for a slower week but it has to be this cool fall weather that is bringing out the work for us. No complaints here. I only complain when I can't scoot here to share with you.

Hope you heart the printables.

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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