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Posted on September 27, 2012 at 10:50 AM

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The sniffles and coughing hit our house early this year. All of us have been feeling a little blah but I think that is a great time to study something light and fun. Too, I have not covered the subject of apples with my youngest one like I did with my older boys. However, because a kajillion printables exists for PreK and K, I wanted a lapbook geared toward a slightly older child but still light and fun. Hoping for some more fall-ish weather, I decided we would study apples lest our education be lacking in this area.

By the way before I forget, I have a secret I have been keeping from you as to what I have been doing these past few weeks. It is the reason we are schooling at our breakfast table and not our school area. My school area table is full of stuff.

I will have to share pictures with you soon as to what has also been consuming my time these past weeks and what I have laid out all over my school area table.

Tiny with his housecoat on wasn't exactly thrilled with school because he still isn't feeling a hundred percent better. But knowing he can keep his housecoat on helps some and I trek forward on an easy unit. Or is it?

Tiny perked up a bit when the other two boys joined us. They are such good sports and not put off by this subject of apples.  In a unit study with kids of multiple ages you start off talking about easier subjects or facts for the aid of the youngest one. It doesn't hurt the older ones to hear this information either. It serves as a review and a reminder. My middle son had forgotten the names of the parts of a flower. I forget them too sometimes if I don't review them occasionally.

Better yet, get the older kids to read the information out of a science reference book.  We have a lot of the Usborne science books along with science dictionaries that we keep at the house. However, how do you go from talking about an apple to applying it to an older child? Well, you go from apples to physics. The way I tied in the apple for the older boys was to talk about physics. Isaac Newton and his falling apple helps you to do this.

The topic of apples was certainly not a subject too easy for him. He pondered why apples fell down when they fell. The quiet time he had as a boy or to just learn helped him to reflect on his thinking. It is no different when doing a unit study which is another reason we lap them up. We have time to ponder at our pace. Time to ponder why the apple fell down gave way to Newton discovering the universal law of gravitation. Whatever part of this story of the apple falling that may be embellished, there is no denying he had a remarkable way of reasoning. Everything about him my sons find remarkable.

Newton's 3 laws of Motion can just be explained to the youngest child. With the older kids, they can demonstrate the Law of Inertia.

Also they can share what they learned in their reading.

Give both kids a chance to share what they know. I just guided this discussion as my older two shared what they knew so far. Tiny was starting to feel bad again but as long as he is read, he still likes to be involved. Just keep it easy for the ones that don't feel good. Also on this same topic we reviewed the simple machines like inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, wheel, and wedge.  Any physical science of topic blends with this unit study. That is what we read about.

Of course, Mr. Awesome is always wanting to do a hands-on project or two. It doesn't really matter if it's directly related to apples or a subtopic of it. It all helps to add to the enriching process of learning when they can do something they like and want to do. One book I really like

and I feel has some topics that span a little older child than the review says is Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids. My Awesome decided to do  a water clock.

This is my crazy fun loving kid who brings so much delight each day and who thrives on hands-on activities. It took him just a few minutes to gather the supplies for his hands on activity of a water clock.  He cleaned up a Pace Picante jar that was just about empty, grabbed a stop watch book marker he had tucked away in his room, a paper cup, a push pin, ruler and sharpie and was ready.

He marked each 5 minute increment on his water clock and otherwise enjoyed sharing his hands-on activity.

Hands-on activities do not have to be hard just full of meaning for the topic you are studying. Get your children to search the project and gather their supplies. Going from apples to physics is a natural flow to this unit study. When I upload the free apple lapbook to my site,  I will share some more links and ideas for the other subjects along with some notebooking sheets for the older kids. Would you like the free apple lapbook now?

Download the minibooks below.

Johnny Appleseed download here.

Isaac Newton and his falling apple download here

Parts of the flower, Who said it was an apple and What kind of tree is the apple tree download here

Art with Apples download here

Proverbs 25:11 and An Apple a Day download here

Cultivating, Harvesting and Storing Apples download here

I need to get Tiny feeling better and still have my organizational topics coming up soon. I hope this lapbook, which will go on my fall unit page on Dynamic 2 Moms soon, will bring in some more fall weather. I can wish here in Texas can't I?

You know I heart quotes and this one is so beautiful about the apple tree. It is such a beautiful creation and enjoyable topic to study about, not only for precious little ones, but for our older kids.

"The flowers of the apple are perhaps the most beautiful of any tree's, so copious and so delicious to both sight and scent." --

~Henry David Thoreau~ Wild Apples

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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