5 {Free} Homeschooling Faves & Saves

Posted on September 8, 2012 at 9:35 AM

It's the little things in homeschooling that make me tick each year. Okay, okay purchasing curriculum and inhaling the smell of new books helps too. There are a lot of little things I have liked over the years. Some have been homeschool related but not all of them. Today, I wanted to share a few of my homeschooling faves or things that save me time. Guess what? They are all free. You don't have to buy another thing.

Fonts make me plain giddy and then when they are free, I can hardly stand myself. Ask Kelley. I have been able to sway her over to worthless useful hours of font addicting searching. I am not sure why they inspire me so much but I know when it comes to designing all the freebies, I MUST have a new font.

When we did our home management binder project in the spring, I had searched and searched for a free font that met my standards for this project and I could not find one. So, I used one that I had purchased like I do on a lot of my projects.{Sorry, but have to have it PRETTY too, ok not so sorry. You can find dull fonts anywhere.} I love using my purchased fonts for you.

But I am always on the lookout for free because I want your projects to look SUPER HOT. So when I found the Sofia font and saw it was free, my heart when pitter patter. I swooned for a while because it is so close to the one I used on my home management binder. I am going to try to make my next home management binder pages editable using this free font. They have been editable but not all printers have the same font, and I have to use a *universal font*. It's crazy but some fonts don't imbed right and a default UGLY, NO GOOD, REPULSIVE, DISTASTEFUL font like Comic Sans or Times Roman will be used. ha. I am hoping you can install it and see it in your page when we do future projects. Sofia is real homeschool useful right?

The next font, the Precursive font family is very useful for school and one I have used steadily over the years. It is free from Bob Jones. Sometimes you just have to make your own worksheets. The Color font is very good for young children and so is Dr. Seuss. The Color font is an outline of letters and I make it real big so the little ones in our co-op can color it. Dr. Seuss has pictures too when you download the font. Bigmouth and Podkova make me swoon more and since they are free, you have to have them. Hard telling when you your child have to make a school report.

Download swooning fonts below.

Click here for Sofia

Click here for Precursive

Click here for Color

Click here for Bigmouth. By the way the download is not easy to see on this page. Roll your cursor over the word "download" where it says "Font experiment, free for you to download." In a few of my browsers you couldn't see anything light up. You get the download hand when you roll your cursor over that word.{crazy. Please make it easy on the non-techy folks.}

Click here for Podkova

Click here for Dr. Seuss

This second favorite of mine really pumped up the science part of our school and made it relatively easy last year. Exploring Nature has so many free pages and ideas on it that it kept me hopping all last year. There is a part for paid members but there is so much that is Free. This is the work of Sheri Amsel and the pictures are hers and she shares a lot for free.

Click here to go there and check out the free pages for non-members. Nice. This is an inspire me for science site.

If you are trying to sneak in a little more American History, then you have to sign up for this. This goes straight to the inbox of Mr. Senior 2013 and myself each day. You get a multiple choice about American history each morning. It is from a school in Pasadena, California and is sent by Greg Feldmeth. Some of the comments say they were very helpful for studying for the AP {Advanced Placement test}. It is just a fun way to see how much you know and add a tidbit each day without a worksheet please! Don't just learn American History to pass a test.

He only does this during the school year and then quits during the summer. They have now started back up for this school year. You can sign up by going here. Here is the link to the past year's school questions too if you want to review.

I shared in my last post how I REALLY love the literature selection by Beautiful Feet and it will always be a staple in our homeschool reading. I say this because some literature providers run on the theory that *more literature selection is well more*. I happen to think that when you are limited on time you need the TOP CHOICES for any period you are studying. Beautiful Feet does an excellent job of weeding through a lot of inspirational literature. Also, Tapestry of Grace {TOG} does this too and that is why I added them last year. TOG lists so many more resources and explains why they use one book as their spine. So that is why I like both of these providers. You don't just get a whole list of excellent literature that inspires but Beautiful Feet saves me time by narrowing that wonderful list a bit so we can actually do other subjects.

Besides all that though they have a Free set of 39 Early American History Notebook Pictures. Most of the pictures come from D'Aulaire biographies. Here is what it says on their website.

"Thirty-nine beautiful black and white etchings taken mainly from the D'Aulaire biographies will enable your primary student to engage with not only the literary beauty of these tales but the artwork as well. Now available in a convenient downloadable format, these pictures have been re-sized to fit conveniently into the student notebook. Students of the Early American Primary study will cut out, color and paste these into their notebooks thereby reinforcing the key persons and events in these wonderful biographies. Just email to letters@ and ask for the Early American Notebook Pictures and we will send them to you at no cost."

Click here to go and download your 39 beautiful pages. Read about the download and be sure to notice that if you put in your cart, you have to fill out the transaction information. They explain why on their page or you can email them. Overall, the Berg family is so nice to deal with.

Another useful free tool that I stepped up using is Cozi. It is a free online calendar that can be shared with all your family members. It won an award last year for Practical Android App for Moms. I agree. It can save lists and shopping lists too.

I don't use all the features because, you know, I still prefer some handwritten methods just because they *stick* in my mind when I take the time to write them down. What I use most is the shared calendar. The older the boys get and adding classes in on top of that, we all need to see what is coming up. The shared calendar makes it possible to notify each family member about what is coming up or planned. It is so helpful in communication and reminders.

Click here to go there.

I hope these little things that I heart give you a kick start for the year. We are still waiting for some of our curriculum to come in but have already started with a more full week. My workshops are in full swing and I will be sharing some of my organizational tools with the new bees in my workshop this month. You will get a sneak peak too.

It has been too long, since last month ha, that we had a giveaway.

I need to be inspired to do art this year so I got the help of my friend Barb at Harmony Fine Arts. Next, after my review, I will have a give away from her.

I was thinking about our wanting to cover different subjects this year because I try not to get us too lopsided on spending every waking minute on history and geography, so this quote inspired me.

"Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."

~Henry Van Dyke~

mmm, but on the other hand they may need to be silent if you viewed my art.

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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