What to put in a Student Planner + {Printable - Student Planner Cover - Girls}

Posted on July 29, 2012 at 9:55 PM

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A student planner can be a valuable tool in helping your child learn to manage his time. I have used it for my sons over the years in various ways. Some years, I just print off the planning sheets for the week and some years they decide they want it bound.

Like any planner, it should be flexible for your family. When we started using one I learned that my sons weren't as eager as I was for them to use one. I tried to change methods and expectations to keep pace with their moods and as they have grown. Because I want them to view time management as a valuable skill, I stay flexible in how we use it.

A lot of adults wrestle with time management, deadlines and priorities. Some even pay hundreds of dollars for workshops on how to acquire time management skills.  Journal keeping is one of the most remedial things companies  ask you to keep. What a priceless skill we can pass on to our kids.

It should start at home. I have to admit when I started homeschooling, I didn't fully appreciate the amount of influence I could have in all areas of life.  I might go sappy on you. Like I have mentioned before, this is the last year of school for my oldest son so you may be subject to sappy moment outbursts in the middle of my post. {I know I have shared this before but it is one of my favorite pics of them younger.}

Back to my subject, even if your child does not want to do a student planner, encourage him to write something on a calendar each day. Reflection is equated with positive change and progress. For some children the physical act of writing is painful and thus the turn off to a planner.  Focusing on a few simple choice words that are full of meaning instead of content keeps the emphasis on the "why's" of a student planner. Like our curriculum planner, help them own theirs too. They can own it many ways from doing their own cover to drawing pictures in it, to using it as a part journal, and adding in school pictures.

For any student planner, depending on the age of course, you can include some of these things;

  • Tracking assignments
  • Important Lists like Spelling, Math, History and Science
  • Goals
  • Reference Helps
  • Test Dates
  • College Goals
  • Bible Goals
  • Field Trip Summaries
  • Friends met at co-ops
  • Latest movies, favorite books, favorite foods, techy things,etc.

Planners are always about mixing and matching what you find "here and there". Try it, but stay very flexible. Own it but do not be dominated by it.

I have the new covers for the girls planners. I did four because I had a "special request" for a zebra one. I LOVE to please my youngest readers.

Download from left to right

cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4

I have several more forms coming for the student planner and promise to not make you wait long for the planning forms. But not everybody following me does a student planner so I have something for them too.

If you missed the boys covers, you can find them here.

Hope your daughters like the covers and love color.

Hugs and love ya,

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