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Posted on July 19, 2012 at 3:50 PM

My curiosity was piqued when Susan Kilbride, author of the "Our America" series, ask me to review her second book The King Philip's War Adventure. How could you write a living book for children ages ten and up about one of the bloodiest wars in American history? Beautifully done and leaving out a lot of the atrocities by both the colonists and the Indians, Ms. Kilbride engages you in the story right from the beginning.

Immersed in the reading, I read the whole book in two sittings. I have to admit I started off reading it myself because of her note to parents that younger children might find some events upsetting. It became a house neglecting book when I got so absorbed in the story I couldn't put it down.

In her first book, The Pilgrim Adventure, you were introduced to twins Finn and Ginny who go back in a time machine to find their parents. They end up in early America on the Mayflower.

In The King Philip's War Adventure you instantly realize that the peaceful relationship the colonist and Indians had enjoyed for years, even helping each other survive in the harsh frontier is now broken in 1675. Metacomet, son of Massasoit made war on the colonists in New England. The colonists called Metacomet King Philip and the war King Philip's War. Indians felt the colonist were taken all of their land and the colonist now viewed the land as their only home. All of this history you find out through the young eyes of Finn and Ginny who are separated after going back in time.

I feel, in telling the story from both the colonist and the Indians point of view that Ms. Kilbride was even handed. Killing women, children and innocent people on both sides of a war is a horrifying part of any war and time in history. A lot of books tend to focus only on how the colonist and Indians got along but hardly mention this very sad time in early American history that we all can learn something from.

The kidnapping of Mary Rowlandson is an event worthy to mention in this book because it gives the events from the perspective of the native land owners, the Indians. You are left wanting to read the book later written by Mary Rowlandson about her capture, life with the Indians, surviving on the land, enduring by her faith and her release during this time. A living book should point you to primary sources when available and use them to relate the story that will draw you into the events. As the story continues this is what the book does as it whets your appetite for more colonial history.

{Photo of Mary Rowlandson from the book A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson.}

Like her previous book, The Pilgrim Adventure, Ms. Kilbride remembers her audience by having 32 short chapters that are only one or two pages long. For the educator, she provides a timeline and historical notes in the back of the book. Any topic from the Narragansett people to Benjamin Church a Daniel Boone-like character to the Concord Praying Indians can be investigated further as they are introduced in this living book.

I really liked reading this book more so than the first. It is because of my history fascination that I enjoy hearing about events that are not so well known as the departure of the Mayflower. Then again, a series or story is hard to appreciate if you don't start at the beginning and read the first book.

Thank you Ms. Kilbride, this captivating book is a keeper to add to our early American time period.

If you want to read my review on The Pilgrim Adventure, go here. Mark your calendar too because Ms. Kilbride contacted me to let me know that on July 25 and July 26, The Pilgrim Adventure will be FREE for kindle download. {Keep in mind even if you don't have a kindle, you can download it on your PC, MAC, Smartphone or Tablet by downloading the free app. Don't miss any great freebies.} I will remind you next week again.

You know how I try to have a giveaway when I do a review. Want a chance to win a hard copy of The King Philip's War Adventure book? There will be two winners.

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