Homeschool Organization + {Storage, Spaces and Learning Places Part 2}

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 2:55 PM

When you homeschool ANY length of time you find out that you have to take ideas from every different type of room like an office, craft, sewing and playroom to combine and get what we need to make a cozy learning place at home. I have some more favorites to share. If you missed Part 1, go here to drool over some more places.


Though this is set up for use as a craft area, I find parts that could be used at home. First that desk just looks like something that could be bought inexpensively and redone to be smokin' hot. Those stands on the floor I believe are umbrella stands and could be used to rolled up masterpieces of art.

There is not much room taken up horizontal, it is all vertical. Great idea for a teen who likes to be in his room for school  or if there is a small area to work in. LOVE the color choice to brighten up the room.

I have my school room upstairs that has roof slant like this room and though I have all clear storage there now, I have been mulling over the idea of having something like this. Even the center part that has only two drawers, could have more drawers for more closed storage if you wanted.

 The room on top can store, globes, lapbooks and even a microscope. The tv screen is a great addition to a room for group science videos. As much as I love how open it is, I think that one part of this unit though should utilize more wall storage by going up higher.

Don't you love to actually see homeschool rooms like this one? These next couple of pictures come from Suitcases and Sippy Cups. What I like about this is that she just incorporated their school into their everyday life. When I first started homeschooling and had a newborn and a toddler, a comfortable couch in the same room we were learning in was a must. I could nurse there, change a quick diaper and just rest as my oldest son worked at the table.

Here is another actual home school area. I think some of the best use of spaces is a built in or diy project . And that is what Cha Cha at the Heartfelt Home did for her school desk. She explains on her blog how it was built. This is a clever use of a half wall or center wall. Though there are three chairs, I see this working better for two students if they were older because of the need of space on top to spread out books.

Here is another true homeschool room that I love. I love the fact that even though the room is small, she utilized it to the full. She has closed storage using the boxes and kept the seating in the center and kept the light by using a smaller shelf area.

I find this photo inspiring because it used a u shape space with built in seating. So much again in a small space.

Then I wanted to share a few creative nifty finds. I heart Murphy beds when you have limited room. Why not a Murphy desk? Great for traveling and schooling, or just to have a another work area for a laptop. I lived in a small log cabin when we first started and this would have worked ideally.

I spend so much time telling New Bee homeschoolers and even those not so new to move away from public school and don't copy it, but hey some things we just should. These lockers make great storage and add that element of school to our room.

This next idea is so creative and I could imagine some really bright colored fabrics to make these crate seats. These crate seats only have 3 steps to make AND you have a seat and instant storage. Check out how this public school teacher made these and they so could be used at home.

This next group of pictures I heart because it is a Montessori inspired learning environment that is organized so that a young child can easily explore and learn.

I love how colorful caddies are used to make the area bright and cheery. And I love that low lying art line.And one more thing I heart......

This adorable owl art line from Etsy. would look so cute hanging on a wall.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your votes! Keep 'em coming! I just can't believe though I was nominated later at the Circle of Moms website for the Top 25 Homeschooling Moms Blog I may actually have a chance to win. {Shut the door.}



At first I mentioned how fun it is to have a contest, but I am humbled now because I am close to  #42 or so. If you get a chance to vote today, I so appreciate it. This is just awesome crazy. Here is the link again or click on the picture above.

Just a few things I heart today, anything inspire you in a school room?

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