Year Around Planning Schedule + {printable re-do}

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Can I have a do over on that year around schedule I sent your earlier? I am so glad that Salena, one of my dear followers, let me know that part of July was cut off in the 2012 - 2013 year around schedule. If you work with .pdfs for any time period you know they shrink text, act like a printer and text that was there can be hidden. That will teach me for trying to finish it in the same week I was taking hubby to doctor. NO EXCUSES.

I don't like mistakes but am SO glad you have my back side if that happens and thank you again Salena for letting me know. That is another good reason to go slow when you print off and get ready to bind it.

There is nothing wrong with looking at your stack of printed curriculum for a week or so before you take it get coil bound. I use to go RIGHT AWAY because I had sizzle butt and was in love with it. Now, I take longer because I want to be sure I don't want to add anything else. Again, I am waiting closer to the end of this month before I finally bind my new one. {Too, because ...uhmmm... I am not NEAR finished with my new forms for this year. Are you going to get tired of me talking a bit more about organization?}

So here is the revised schedule. I changed the color on it so you will know which one is revised. This one has lavender on it.

Download it here.

And to make it up to you because I love ya, I did another one in another color to match some of the newer planner covers.

Download this here.

Don't forget I already have one schedule on the website if you prefer that style better. Take a look at it here.  Look at Number 3. Option 1.

These two forms above are the newest year around forms that are from July to June or the academic year. Be sure to download and keep.

Hugs today,

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