Homeschool Organization + {Storage, Spaces and Learning Places Part 1}

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Learning at home presents unique storage needs. We are always wanting more book space and spaces used creatively. If you are wanting to set up a homeschool room or just change it around you find out that ideas that come from playrooms are sometimes too playful, a home office can be too officey {is that a word} and a craft room is too crafty.  If we don't have a school room because we school at the kitchen table and part living room we still need creative spaces for storage.

What I do is take inspiration from all the rooms mentioned above and create a learning space. I can never get enough tips and ideas for spaces and learning places. I will be rounding up unique finds and then just some ordinary tips as reminders and putting them in a series.

Some tips from a public classroom will work at home and visa versa. Hopefully you can find something that inspires you to use your area to the full. Where possible, if a link  was given, I have linked each image so you can read about the space.


You may recognize this school room from Confessions of a Homeschooler by Erica. What you soon find out is that your kids outgrow those sweet little desks and tables sooner than you realize. But they are still not tall enough to sit a high kitchen table. A craft table is a great idea because there is tons of room on top and chairs can be adjusted. Look at all that storage by using the center of the room. Do you see that trick? Free the wall to haul in more stuff.

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This honey pine trestle table is ideal as well. The storage baskets under the table work out good. I would take notice of the sharp corners with a toddler that is using the table to pull up like my little ones did.  To me this works good for several preschoolers.  Look at this cool idea for the storage back with writing material . It hooks right beside the desk. Pretty, but something more durable would even be better.

Now this is one of those rooms that I mean by a play area. But there are several things that can be used. I love the color combinations and use of the chalkboard wall. The whole area is just bright and cheery.

Johnnia at Giggles, Wiggles and Wonder has a nice laid out school area. The area along one wall utilizes a lot of area for storage. I like the fact that some of it is closed storage. That one built in could easily accommodate two teens or one teen and younger sibling.  Again the colors are bright and cheery .

This area is so soothing and peaceful I could see an older student cuddling here to read or study. I love the bookshelves too.

Don't forget high spaces and out of the way spaces. An over the door organizer turned school storage is what I used when we lived in a cabin that was 800 square feet for 5 of us. Use every inch of space. At the blog bowl full of lemons she lists where she purchased this cute overhead storage and there is one that is hot pink.

Homegrown mom uses the space in her loft. One wall holds a good majority of her books  but she also has closed storage by using the boxes. How do you like the table is turned ? Again it is not against a wall but by coming off the wall unit she utilizes more of the center of her room.

I love, love this room. It looks like a schoolroom but may be a craft room. But look how the small wall is used and each kid could have their place to study. There is only two sets of drawers but if you used workboxes those drawers could be used for shared supplies. Surround shelves make this room have tons of storage.

Are you going to make changes this summer while school has slowed down some? I am still pondering. Have a picture you want to share of your school room make over?

Switching gears here, I love the fact that our blog is hosted on a website so that when I get a twitch I can change our blog header anytime without completely redoing our website. I updated the blog header, what do you think? Keep it or go back to the other one?

Thinking about convention time, I wanted to share this with you.

By Todd Wilson

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