New Curriculum Planner Covers + {academic year printables}

Posted on May 29, 2012 at 1:00 AM

I told Kelley I had a case of  DP {dropsy butt} at the end of last week and so took off a couple extra days to recover. We had an open house to get ready for, set up and work that was hosted by a local support group. I can't go to that and not talk fast or talk a lot especially when it comes to talking about something I live and love - homeschooling.

Barely recovering from my addiction to homeschool open houses, I have to now get ready for this weekend.  I have three speaking parts this Saturday June 2 at a mini convention in South Houston. Do you think I can be ready? You have to have a friend like Kelley when you speak at conventions or just homeschool. I can't do near what I do unless she is on the sidelines helping. I don't like to sound cliche, but she is a real gem of a friend.  I appreciate her because it has allowed me to change my blog over the past  months and start sharing all of my passions with you and not just our New Bees. Will we see some of you at the convention this Saturday? I will be talking about Organization {I will have visuals to share}, How to bring life to curriculum when it has Lost that Lovin' Feeling and then one for New Homeschoolers. You can check out  all the details here. 

I try not to accept too many speaking parts. I get plain giddy then I can't concentrate on what I am doing. But, when I think about organization and updating the planner I get back on track.

Now, I have started to update the curriculum planner for next year. Up until this year I have been following year around homeschooling following the physical year. This year I am changing because I have my oldest son that I need to get ready to graduate. Switching back to an academic year means I will have to prepare my new planner by July too.

{Remember my planner follows an academic year of July to June} So we have time to work on this together and SLOWLY put it together. So here is the first round of printables and it is the academic covers.  I have three academic covers available now but more covers coming.

 Before you download though I have added a new feature this year that I want you to notice. I have created an editable form on  each planner for "dates to remember". You can type in important DATES, or a DAY OR a "WEEK or WEEKS". Each form has a little bit different room so just play with it and type in what is important for you to remember. You can type in using the words "date, day, holiday or vacation"  like this "Week of January 3," or use "numbers" like this "07/01,etc". You decide. But again another fine detail to make it YOURS.

Chevron Yellow - This is gray and chevron yellow. Download here.

Blue and Pink - I listened and some of you wanted scriptures as quote. I love scripture quotes too and now here is one this year. Download here.

Gray/Black/White  Roses - Some of you also wanted a black/white one, so I made one this year. When I first started making planners, I did a lot more black and white. I realize now my first love is color on the cover because a lot of the inside can be black and white so I like spending the ink on a cover that POPS.  Black and white though can be dramatic too.. Download here.

If you see something here you like grab it. If not, wait because you know more is coming. Too, you can just download each one and then decide later. That is what I will do. I won't prepare my planner until closer to July like I mentioned because I like to see all my options.

Later this week I will try to share some photos of our open house.  Too, since I have the convention this weekend, I want to tell you ahead of time thanks for bearing with me as I make time this week to  prepare for it.

I am here but may have to take off some days of blogging {or this week...sigh}  to get ready for my speaking parts. Priorities you know -  yada yada..

but you know I love ya....and those that have been following me for a while know I will return.

{By the way for my newer followers that don't know me as well, here is a line or two about me: Loud talking, fast talking, fast walking, chocolate loving, caffeine loving, unit study inspired, hooked on organization .....and glad you're here} 

Enjoy Round 1 printables.....and



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