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Posted on May 20, 2012 at 10:15 AM

My inner organizing voice gets a little hyped this time of the year because I get to "plan and organize" something.  I want to share with you some planning tips for year around schooling along with my new printable.

But first because some of you have asked me how my hubby is doing, I decided to share his progress here.  Normally I am private with this type of thing but I think some things or journeys one shouldn't bear alone. Also, maybe some of you may benefit from what I am learning along the way.

Those of you that have been following me for a while know that my hubby had a heart attack in January and has been on the road to recovery since then. My new followers can read Words Matter. We have had lots of doctor visits and tests and we had a visit this past Thursday.  I am focused on staying positive and controlling factors we can.  Look at this guy..

He is just a regular Texas cowboy type of guy. .......... Okay maybe he is not such a regular guy. I think one reason I was so attracted to this guy was that he has to be the most ambitious business person I have ever meant. Some, but not all of you know we are self employed like a lot of homeschoolers and have been for many years. I like that the fact that my husband has only been involved in two industries the whole time we have been married.  Now he has decided to do something new and guess where his new office is?

At our home and pool side --- LOVE IT! I love the fact he can work from home. Now if I can just keep myself from going out there all the time and sitting with him and getting in the pool, I may be able to keep schooling...hee hee

While we were waiting to see the doctor, he takes this picture of us with his phone camera. He is thinking we have no kids and steals a moment on his phone but uhmmmm guess what I am taking pictures of while we are waiting on the doctor?

Yep, I am taking pictures of the posters on the walls and back of the doctor's office door thinking about future teachable moments.  I guess you can't take the homeschool out of mom once you get started even without the kids around.  As we are on this journey for his recovery, I want to remind you to please get your precious hubby to the doctor for those yearly exams. I don't know if it would off prevented it but maybe we might have caught some of this earlier.

Here is another reminder about homeschooling. Have you looked at next year's planning for year around school? I did a few blog posts a couple of years back about some of the "how to's" and you can read Part 1 here and read Part 2 here.

Do you struggle with sticking to a schedule for year around school? Or maybe you can't even begin to think about sticking to a schedule because you are not sure of how to plan a schedule. The first step starts with planning it even if you don't succeed in making it.

For those that are newer to following me, I want to point out to you that my organizing forms have very different purposes in helping you. Some are  planning schedules, some are check off lists and others are logs. The one I have for you today is a "planning form".

In other words, put it down in writing. Did you know that the physical act of writing something down has been shown to be a key factor to success in a lot of things? It is like it becomes imprinted in your mind and it is a reaffirmation or commitment to school another year. I love my Kindle Fire and phone but they are not substitutes for a few well written lines, schedules and goals for my sons from my heart by pen.  Each year, I think of it being like a personal guarantee, a promise to my sons and a signature of some type of what I desire to accomplish for the next year.

If you write them down you may wonder then why assign tasks to a specific time slot? I hear a lot of homeschoolers say "that is not my style" or "I prefer to just list what I need to accomplish for the day instead of exact times". I feel there are two types of people when it comes to schedules. Those that are "time driven" and those that are "task oriented"? They both accomplish tasks. One does it by a schedule or time {for example: myself} and the other does it by a checklist for the day {for example: Kelley}. Both need to see on paper when they plan on accomplishing their goals. Organizing goals is the most effective way to manage your priorities. It also avoids procrastination. Organizing is not about making you feel like you're in a straight jacket. If exact times make your skin crawl create time zones. Even if time zones are "morning", "afternoon" and "evening" this will give you wiggle room if you are task oriented. I never recommend just a list because it is like only having step 1 of being organized but there is no accountability and procrastination looms around the corner.

As homeschool moms we need a true picture of what we can actually accomplish. Planning doesn't mean "PERFECT"  which is why I like the saying above that mistakes are proof that you are trying.  Opposite in meaning to a true picture is a mirage, a delusion or fantasy.  Who wants to homeschool like that?

Look at what I have for you and no this is not on the site. As I promise, you always get all my freebies and forms first....

Use this to plan your year around school.  The legend at the bottom can be used to plan your goal.  Circle the first day you will start and circle the last day you will school and put a strike through for the last day.

For the goal, keep in mind that 199 days or 40 weeks allows you to take off a full two months. This can be ANYTIME. Maybe you want to take off the whole month of December or plan vacation around your family. Put it all down on this planning sheet.

I like to just mark the days that are school holidays and vacations with a light line through them and the days we school are left blank. Some like to mark both the days they school and the days off. If you like to mark both then use my legend to box the days you school.

Using two different highlighters, one for days schooling and one for days that you are off works too. Color your legend to fit your highlighters. You decide.

Using a planning sheet whether you school year around or follow the public school schedule helps you to avoid delusional homeschooling. One step at a time each year and you will be stress free because after all you have a PLAN.

Download the planning sheet here.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to year around scheduling? I hope some of these tips can help you to keep planning. ..

Hugs and I was inspired by this today as I too sit down to plan another year of year around schooling.....

 “One rarely reaches the bottom of a To Do List. It’s not completing the list that counts, but making the best use of your time.”

~Time Management Consultant Alan Lakein~



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